I got my Medic-Alert bracelet in the mail.  At the risk of being repetitive, here is the link for a free membership in Canada.  I went this route because I can not afford it on my own right now.  Again, I think this is vitally important.  Check your own area if you or someone else needs this and you are not in Canada.

Now, I must say, I am extremely impressed with the engraving! They actually did manage to get everything that makes me both crazy and sick on it, plus my ID number, their 24-hour telephone number…  I’m also impressed that I ordered the right size! I can’t wear metal jewellery too tight.  ACK! PAs CHOKING! I really don’t wear much at all.  I have simple tastes but I would definitely wear something regularly if it was given to me by my partner.  Yes.  Oh.  Wait.  I do have a very strong lust for watches! No matter.

Also, I am equally impressed with myself for managing to put it on without any help! PA=Klutzy! You see, their clasps are really odd if you’ve never seen them.  Really “hooky.”  Obviously, so they stay on you? But the best was that I didn’t put it on upside down! If someone finds me passed out unconscious somewhere and they look at it, the logo is facing the right way! *laughing*

I also received my little wallet card with all of my meds, two of my doctors (my GP and Merlin #1) and an Emergency Contact.  I chose my sister—the only family member that I can have a possibly, decent conversation with.  Also, only one of two that I still speak to—the other being Mental Mommy.  Mental Mommy as my Emergency Contact?

There is no way on earth I would have her decide any fate in my life! Even if I broke my arm, needed a cast and everyone in the hospital was too stupid to make one! Mental Mommy is so far into “Health Heals All,” she’d probably wrap my arm in lettuce (organic, of course.)  Then, she’d perhaps come up with some concoction of B Vitamins, Sea Salt, raisins (also organic) and who knows what else! She’d grind it all up and that would be my “plaster!”

No thanks.

I’d splint myself up, 360 degrees around, get loads of tensor bandages, some serious, heavy bond glue and no doubt be quite fine.

They plucked a couple of other things from my last membership (I wore a bracelet before due to some meds) and they were contact lenses and being an organ donor.  Well, I haven’t worn contacts in a few years but if I choose to again? Cool.

The organ donor stuff? That made me kind of think.  Wow, with all of the meds I take, how I’ve abused my body over all of these years…are any of them any good?

I’m just kidding but really.  For any readers that do not know, my biological father is from Pakistan.  A very long story and I have blogged about it before so I won’t get repetitive again! You can search it out.  A very interesting story (in one of those sad, painful, romantic ways?) but I don’t remember how much detail I got into regarding it.  Also, you probably wouldn’t know from looking at me.  Genetics…so strange.  It’s like I’ve become more “Caucasian” as I’ve gotten older as I was so dark in complexion as a child.  Do “dominant” genes become more dominant over time?

Anyway, this area would no doubt cause me problems–as well, for recipients? Matching is very complicated and even more so for someone of mixed race.  A lot of factors go into it.  There are certain conditions that some people are affected by on a higher scale due to race, as well.  These are usually single race issues so they may or may not affect me.  I would guess not.

However, should I need a kidney at some point? Good luck? Dialysis until…? I’m also registered for bone marrow donation but ‘geez! That can be even crazier! There are often enough problems with single race matches! And bone marrow is not the same as blood.

Blood is no problem.  I am B Positive.  I always make a little linguistic joke about that and then tell myself to ”Go to Hades!” immediately thereafter.  B is 10% of the population, I believe but even still.  Gimme that O! No, not orgasm, the Universal Donor Type.  But I’ll take an orgasm too? *laughing*

Things basically get trickier with Rh Factors (the positives and negatives) between the other non-universal donors.  I won’t get into that–this post is getting long enough.

Ah, yes.  Now that I have my “membership,” I can log on and look at all of the redonculously, expensive things that they have on offer.  No, seriously! I think the last time I was there years ago, there was some $300.00 gold…WATCH! *laughing*

No, I am not going to spend that much on a Medic-Alert watch! Much prettier ones out there for at least that price—that also don’t “advertise” my health problems!


  1. Do you know what are the probabilities of a person having
    clear (green or blue eyes), in the whole world population?
    I was trying to understand the rececive and the dominant genes, and how they transmit from generation to generation. Iwas reading mendel, and I think I understood some but I am not completely sure. I am a wierd case myself, both my parents have brown eyes, and me and
    my sister have green ones.

    By the way next time you ask for a braclet do what a friend of mine did, she got one with a moebious strip shape, it is fantastic and endless.


  2. Hi mariana. I could try and check into. Genetics isn’t exactly my forte? *laughing* And indeed, the entire world!

    Generationally speaking as well? That’s a key factor, I think, because if you look at other genes that can be recessive–with anything–they really can just pop up out of nowhere! That’s one of the strange phenomena re: genetics?

    Let me see what I can do for you?

    As far as the Medic-Alert, going the free route, I could only choose from some very basic designs. That does sound cool though. I like to stare at neat patterns…hypnotic and ahhh…


  3. Hehe mariana…if you come back, I didn’t want to shoot Mendel down as he was sort of “The Father” (or one of) Genetics but I’m finding out some kind of cool stuff?

    Green eyes are a little hard though…the most rare…

    Things may have changed a lot as well beyond the single (simple) dominant/recessive business in this area, too.


  4. I would like to see what you found, really, but now I have to go to my shrink. I am just going to tell you something brief:
    -Do you know to green eyes parent can not have a a brown eye kid?
    -Do you know why?
    -Cause when you have green eyes it is cause both genes are green (otherwise they will be brown, cause it is the dominant), therefore you have 4 green eyes genes, 2 from mother and 2 from father. I thought about it as opaque and transparent, brown are opaque genes, therefore you do not know what is underneth (it could hide a green gene), but when it is transparent (green) obviously the gene that is behind the green one should be green otherwise it would be opaqued.


  5. Hi mariana…waaaayyyy more complicated. Email, all the way, baby! I can’t explain everything here. And I’ve only just looked into it.

    Specific genes by name, DNA strands/alleles and coding…

    Again…even if I try to explain it simply (as I will have to as I am not a Geneticist!) it’s pretty wild!


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