Stick with Nickel Slots; Even Better, Just Watch the Shiny Objects?

I went to Las Vegas back in the early 90s.  It was a trip courtesy of my first girlfriend’s family.  A Christmas Present, in fact.  I didn’t know what to do or say! My first girlfriend wasn’t out but I suspected her mother knew.  It was one of those, “Special Friend,” bullshit, sort of deals.

Well, I went.  It sucked.  They didn’t want to do anything interesting.  Plus, I wasn’t in love with my first girlfriend.

Apart from all of my other aliases, I could also be called: “The Queen of Bad Timing.”  Oh, I have referred to myself quite a few times as “The Queen of Guilt” on my blog before, as well.

Anyway, I dumped her on the trip.  I know.  Nice one, PA! Your girlfriend’s family takes you on a fully, paid vacation and this is how you return the favour?

Throughout my life, I have upped “The Romantic Ante” and lost every, single time.  No, I’m not joking.

*PA pauses*


Well, two were very good to me.  Definitely.  But I’ve still always left the casino with empty pockets.

It seems I have a distinct tendency now, to take all the chips I’ve earned over the years and shove them straight ahead, right into the middle of the table.  Immediately.  As soon as my first hand has been dealt. *PA shakes head and rolls eyes*

I’ll tell you right now, though: What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas!

I’m never going near a casino again! Even with all of its “shiny objects!” And you do know how much PA loves shiny objects!

That’s part of the problem! Oh, how those shiny objects put her in a trance…  However, within the casino where the gambling is omnipresent and her luck has been nothing but bad…never destined to win…  Better to stay at home? Play solitaire with a deck of cards and buy one of those cheap, flashing Yo-Yos made for kids?

However, if the Yo-Yo is too cheap and I find myself wandering back into a casino and…?

Well, there’s always that old adage, if something doesn’t work out: “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.” *laughing*

I’ve never understood that, though! Well, let me re-phrase.  I’m not an idiot.  Of course I understand it but only conceptually.  I’ve never actually sought out someone else to ease my broken heart if a relationship ends! That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Hell, I feel like such a dingbat anyway, I never seek out anyone for a relationship! I mean, if anything happens, it’s like it just falls from the sky out of nowhere! It’s like a UFO just lands on my head and some “alien woman” pops out and then off to the races!

I mean, casino?

Either way, horses…cards…still a gamble!

*PA stares at pile of casino chips in corner of room*

*PA shakes head, laughs and and rolls eyes again*

MP3 of the Moment is back up and running so I’ll give you a lovely but oh-so-dramatic song for this post.

“Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Tony Bennett!


  1. Intresting story.
    I also broke up with (not my first, but the longest one) in a trip, you know why? it is ridiculous cause she did not wanted to open the window of the car an it was hot, so I got angry, and ask her to drop me in the middle of nowhere, I did not care, so she did, then she came back with a bag of ice, I got in the car, and ruined all the car velvet with the melting ice. Of course I did not open the window, and we did not say a single word the rest of the trip.

    I don’t buy it that your luck was always bad, besides yo-yos are great, only kids
    use them cause older people are embarrased, but most of them are dying to play with them.

    Best break up song: “I get along without you very well” by chet baker


  2. Hi mariana. I had to laugh just a tiny, tiny bit at your story (forgive me.) Although, you said it was ridiculous yourself, so I don’t feel so bad. Heh.

    Something tells me, however, that there was more to the “break up” than just the opening of a window. I suspect that there might have been some deeper issues going on and this may have simply been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back?

    Still, I do not know. I was not there. If anything, I could have only been the bag of ice sitting there melting away? *laughing*

    Thank you for saying that my luck may not always be bad with women? This post was also me having some literary, artistic license as well, so…

    Nonetheless, it sure feels that way. I have only had one relationship where I have loved someone and they have loved me back and yet it still didn’t work out. Everything else, no feelings on my side, no feelings on their side even though I was in love with them.

    So nothing has ever worked!

    I don’t have any problem with toys and shiny objects there, though! I don’t care. I’m a big kid anyway!

    Thanks for the song.

    Take care,


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