Alright, alright…  To counterbalance the “drama” of Tony Bennett, here’s another song.

“Kiss Like Ether” by Claudia Brucken

Further, did that woman in the photograph in the dream I had look a bit like Claudia? Hmmm…  Well, perhaps? If so, that’s a good thing! I’ve been in serious love with Claudia Brucken ever since I was a teenager!

She’s done lots of stuff and probably more collaborative work than I know of? Most recently, a couple of songs with Andy Bell (from Erasure, which I have.)  One of them is so hilarious, too! OMG! I laugh every time I hear it.  I’m going to keep you in suspense, little naughty one that I am, as I will stream it at some point in the future.  No doubt.

She is also now married or partnered up with the “blonde guy,” whatever his name is, from the 80s band that no longer exists, OMD.  I have none of their stuff.

However, I do have the most amazing cover version of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.  This was done by Claudia and pianist Andrew Poppy.  I am picky about my cover versions but I’m sorry, Kate.  This one blows your original out of the water.  I have streamed this one before.  It’s unbelievable!

I originally found her through the rather “experimental” band from Germany, in the 80s called “Propaganda.”  I still love their first album.  I heard the second wasn’t so great so I didn’t buy it.  Maybe now I should source it out and see if my “older, non-teenage ears” will have a better opinion.

This is from a solo album she put out and it took me forever to find at the time.  And only on cassette tape!

Gee, could I talk about Claudia Brucken any more?


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