I Just Woke Up…

I know.  Terribly fascinating.  However, I’m kind of getting into this “write a post when you just get up” sort of thing.  Well, I checked email, silly Twitter but beyond that, nothing! No meds yet.  No tea yet.  So, there’s this sort of weird fluidity to my brain right now.  Almost like “stream of consciousness” writing.

However, now it’s “stream of consciousness thinking.”  This could be either a very fun thing or a very dangerous thing. The reason for the danger? With my “stream of consciousness thinking” a loss of mental filters? More so than I already lose my mental filters? Jumpin’ Jehosephat!

So, should I continue? Okay.

I was on chat with someone last night and the person mentioned they were having markedly, distinct dreams than they were before.  I just said, “Oh.”  I know, that sounds like I was “truly engaged” but you see, I was trying to look for jobs at the same time, so I was bouncing back and forth…  Trying to concentrate all over…

No matter.  Not the point.

Well, I had a dream this morning about a woman having a photo in a magazine.  I had “found” this photo on an airplane as I was flipping through the magazine.  All of the sudden, some great big Asian guy–no, he was really huge–came running over to me and he said, “If you see this woman, GIVE HER THESE!!!”

Then he shoved into my hand, these tiny, little, brown, square pieces of paper.  They looked like postage stamps but they weren’t.  They had all of these patterns and some odd characters on them.  They weren’t “strings” like you would normally view them as in a sentence but just sort of randomly dispersed on the paper squares.

Then he ran away.  Back to his seat on the plane.  I think he had a Samurai sword too.


I don’t know what to say about that one. *laughing*


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