More Job Delay Frustration

Where we last left off…  I’m not sure if that sounds like a children’s story or a soap opera but both could be suitable for my life? Either way, it has been about a month since I’ve been to the “job disability place.” Reason being, the guy I was working with told me he was leaving so I was being “re-assigned” to someone else:

So I had to wait because I wasn’t the only one and there were so many other clients so just wait and be patient but then it turned out he didn’t leave but I was still going to be with her and I never got a call so I had to make a call to someone else and then he gave me her number so I called and finally got her and made an appointment myself.

Excuse me for the unbelievably, long, run-on sentence that comprised the entire paragraph above.   But at the risk or artistic license (that now may be taken away from me) it was basically to demonstrate the sheer frustration that I have had to deal with.

Things were going so well! Meeting with them every week! And do you know what I heard when I finally met with them today? The woman that I was “assigned” to is now leaving! As a matter of fact, at the end of this week.

Thus, I will now be “re-assigned” to someone else.

When I heard this, my face dropped like a tonne of bricks (I suppose.)  I didn’t have a mirror, so don’t really know.  All I could gather was, perhaps, the slackening of my facial muscles?  However, to me, it looked like hers did too so that may have been some kind of “mirror.”

I did not want to risk my “relationship” with this organization that has (up to this point) been fabulous but I was literally growing more and more frustrated and more and more upset by the second.

How to handle this as best possible while also staying as far away from any possible meltdowns? Not to mention that I had just told her that Asperger’s wouldn’t affect me at all on the job!!! *rolls eyes*

We both took our respective pauses.

I went first because I simply couldn’t stand it anymore.  I told her plain out that I was getting frustrated as it had been a month’s delay and now there would be another delay of how long that no one could predict.  I desperately needed to move forward–even more so now than before! I also stated that I respected what may or may not be happening within their organization, all of their processes, etc…blah, blah, blah…  Most importantly though, the last thing that I was told before all of this clusterfuckery was that I was top drawer, ready for employment.  Therefore, let’s get it on!

Well…apparently, nobody’s getting on anything; getting it on…maybe someone’s getting a coffee?

And now, I’ve got to sit and play the waiting game for who knows how long again.  Hopefully it won’t be a month…or more???


  1. Ugh.
    Frustration city.
    “clusterfuckery” <– love the word. The actuality, not so much.


  2. Hi Immi, good to see you! It’s been a while. Yes, terribly frustrating. Thanks for liking my word, as well.

    Although, not into the “group thing?” That’s fine. Neither am I. *laughing*


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