So, the Parietal Lobe Wins the Prize?

What lovely prize would that be, you ask? Me! Or maybe I win the prize of a really, shitty, parietal lobe.  Or perhaps, the entire brain.  Not to mention, I think stress wins the prize for this one, too.  Oh, I’ve also won the post-“ick”tal© prize.

Yes, everything is all well and good in my Happy, post-“ick”tal© World.  I’m moving at a snail’s pace, clumsy as all hell (more so than usual?) completely cognitively impaired, nauseous, headachy, exhausted, my eyes? I probably shouldn’t even be on my computer but I wanted to write this to a) use my blog as my “seizure diary,” as always and b) bitch about Neurology!

Ah, yes…my mood.  It’s alright, surprisingly.  I can experience depression and anxiety when post-“ick”tal,© as well.

First, the precipitating events.  I went to have dinner at J.’s place last night.  Fine.  Well, somehow it turned into some sort of “impromptu party” as he started inviting a bunch of his friends over.  Not so fine. I was not prepared for socializing with others, neither was I in the mood for it.  I immediately became rather “fritzy?” In walked the Asperger’s right through the door!

Well, I did alright.  Although, no eye contact and I was stuttering my mouth off.  Then I started to become all rambly and mumbly in trying to speak.  I felt like I was going completely bonkers but what could I do? Run screaming away from the table like my hair was on fire?

So, back to J.’s as all of my gear was there.  We talked some more and then, fuck! J. lives a long distance from where I do.  I/we missed the time for the fastest way home.  We have done this before.  So after all of the freakiness, the exhaustion already accumulated, I had to deal with the horror show of getting home!

Thank you for reading all of that.  I must now thank you in advance for what is coming up! Quite long?

Okay, onto the seizure business.  My legs.  Pain.

This has happened before and I have tried to find examples of it and why it “so rarely” occurs (wait until my “findings.”)  Actually, it has only happened once before–also with my legs.  However, I don’t consider that “rare,” personally.

The first time, it was a Simple Partial Motor where my legs started doing a dance all on their own.  This time, something extremely odd happened.  Perhaps? I’m not sure.  One question I am curious about…did I seize “backwards?”

Alright, let’s get to me bitching.  There are those that say you don’t feel pain during a seizure.  Whether you are a lay person or a professional, you can take that information and shove it right up your ass! I have felt pain with mine!

Another point that has been said? With any motor seizing, muscle soreness afterward?  Sure, I’ll buy that. Still, the first time I felt it during and I was in pain while my legs were bouncing around like crazy!  Regarding the “bouncy, bouncy,” something going on somewhere in the grand area of my sensorimotor cortex.  Because guess where that is? Hello, parietal lobe! Keep reading…

I have found one piece of information, with many a citation, stating that Simple Partial Sensory Seizures can indeed produce feelings of pain.  These sensations originate from the part of the parietal lobe (the postcentral gyrus.)  Good.  Thank you for your reliability due to your citations, people.  Therefore, now you do not look like bogus idiots.

However, now I have found a wonderful study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry! This is where I was “head”ed (haha) with me seizing in the wrong direction.  It does actually state that pain can occur with motor seizures.  Although, not as my prior “dancy legs” one.  Oh no, in their study, they worked with bilateral Clonic and tonic-clonic seizure patients.  The clonic part is the muscular contraction and the tonic part is the relaxation.  With a tonic-clonic, that is the loss of consciousness, fall to the floor type that many people immediately think of when they hear the word: “Seizure.”  I have never had one of those types.

Clonic Seizures can be more rare (here we go with being “rare” again!) especially if I only had one muscle spasm.  Because, again, I wasn’t twitching all over.  I’m having some memory problems and that could go along with post-“ick”tal© amnesia.  Yes, that can happen, too.  Not to mention, some awareness may be lost with a Clonic Seizure! Don’t you just love this brain stuff! Well, I sure do. *rolls eyes*

If I had a Clonic Seizure, it is called a “Generalized Seizure.”  It affects your entire brain.  It is preceded by a Simple Partial Seizure that only affects a part of your brain.  A Simple Partial wouldn’t happen afterward! Well, it might with my ridiculous brain! This was my point about me seizing in completely the wrong direction!

So I think I may finally have an answer? Sort of? Kinda? Even if it is not a confirmed one? *shakes head*

At least I found that study’s abstract whereas I hadn’t before.  It states some odd things for sure and also that this type of seizure may be mistaken for a Psychogenic Seizure (they called it a “Pseudoseizure.”)  Sorry, folks.  I take issue with your terminology and others with Epilepsy may also.

Nothing “Pseudo” about it.  No one’s “faking” anything.  True, some people do have them but they may not have Epilepsy.  As a result, they will not respond to medication.  However, there’s a lovely twist to it all as people with Epilepsy can have Psychogenic Seizures, also! The numbers have been quoted anywhere from about 10%-40%? Unbelievable, eh?

So, what happened? Four options.  I had just one Simple Partial Seizure that only produced a sensory feeling of pain in my legs (doubtful as I couldn’t walk afterward.) I had two, separate Simple Partial Seizures although the Simple Partial Motor one was extremely brief in duration (or perhaps I do not remember it lasting as long as it did.)  I am wrong in that the Simple Partial producing the pain actually occurred before the Clonic Seizure due to altered consciousness (i.e. I didn’t seize “backwards”) or finally…  I suffered pain with a Clonic Seizure as per the study information.

Or…there might be other variables I have not yet found, nor considered… *laughing*


  1. You know, I may be way out there on this one, but is it at all possible someone (that doesn’t like you very much, though I don’t see how that’s possible) is using the Cruciatus Curse (or some variant thereof) on you? Seriously, you’ve covered just about every other possibility without finding any ‘real’ answers so far, no?

    (sorry, my attempts at humour lately have just been getting lamer and lamer *sigh* i go now).


  2. and there’s a whole wealth of c-O-lonic and or clon-E-ic jokes available in here too, to which I am completely drawing witty blanks on.

    (ok, now i go)


  3. except to say that again, i wish i could do something to help, or even better, that most (or all) of this would go away and leave you alone so you can just get on with your life, transcending the terrible tornadic turmoil that’s totally trapped and tripped ton troubled tete.


  4. Hi Arkay. Wow, three comments all in a row. Let me see if I can read them all in a row! *laughing*

    First, I had to look up your “curse.” Sorry, never read any Harry Potter. And even in looking it up, I still had no desire to find out what it was. To me, a curse is a curse?

    Don’t worry about your humour with this one. This post was a total geekus maximus and I still can’t believe I wrote it when I was all fugly Post-ictal (Dr. PA prevails!)

    The thing is, my Epilepsy is idiopathic (no known cause) or as I prefer to say now: idiotpathic. I have used my wee, “made up word” before on my blog regarding all of this bullshit.

    As far as anything regarding cleaning my arse, no thanks. I think I remember a “wave” (is that a good enough joke?) when there was talk of Princess Di having them done so it became all the rage. And believe me, I would go into a rage if someone tried to flush my ass out! Well, at least without “prior consent.”

    I did have my colonoscopy which was fine as I was sedated but the prep just about killed me. OMFG! No, it’s true. Other people will tell you the same!

    And finally, nice usage of the “t’s” in your last one!

    Ah, thanks (as always) for your concern, dear. Actually, it’s been a month since the last, so that’s pretty good? *laughing again*

    Really, though, what am I going to do? I’ve got the VEEG coming up in several months so…? I still doubt that they will find anything but I’ll go through the torture of it, anyway.

    I don’t want to tread anywhere close to the other “I” word. That would be: “Intractable.” Hi, my seizures won’t stop no matter what! I still believe this is all stress related.

    Oh, and by the way? I am very happy I got my Medic-Alert bracelet. It was so awesome for me to show the transit drivers when I could barely walk and explain to them that, no, I didn’t need to be taken to hospital.


  5. raginggenius

    Hey girl, FYI, one of my friend’s blog has been manipulated by someone in Samolia. Have you heard of this happening?


  6. Hi raginggenius, I’m not sure what you mean by “manipulated.” So, sorry…I would need more information to even try to help you?


  7. raginggenius

    Someone hacked their “Christian Blog” and made it look like “Satin” was the author and wrote some really bad stuff on it as if they were the author. It’s weird cuz whoever did it was from Samolia. Can we say Pirate?


  8. Hi raginggenius. That definitely sounds odd.

    Well, I am no “expert” with these things, however, you could track the person down via their ISP number (since you already found out they were from Somalia–that is how I am assuming you found their location.)

    Nonetheless, ISP addresses can be messed with and you can basically “bounce yourself around” with them. It appears you are in one location, when you are completely not!

    Your husband is pretty computer-savvy so he should know this right? I mean, I thought he was more computer-savvy than me?!

    Another thing to consider and I think this might be a good idea would be to contact the blog hosting service your friend is using. Is she using WordPress? Blogger? Something else?

    Also, was anything else on her computer altered or touched in any way besides the blog? If not, then even more important to contact the blog hosting folks.

    Sure, it could be a weak link on her end but if only the blog was touched, weak security on the blog’s end, as well?


  9. raginggenius

    Yeah, I just wondering if you heard of it happening to any of your friends. My man is one of those freaky geeky ones, but he has been at work forever working on digging up material to win a law suit for his company. Nothing can happen here, as I am sure that our fire wall is that of Fort Knox. Glad to hear from you. It’s funny, of all the blog friends that I have made, you a the longest running one that I communicate with. AWWEEE Smoochie to you! :)


  10. Hi raginggenius. No, I haven’t heard anything like that from people I know personally. Especially if it is blog specific. That’s really too bad, though.

    I’m on a Mac and they are totally solid in terms of viral crap and all of that. You don’t even need to install anything like McAfee or Norton. Some people beg to differ but I say no.

    Oh, you are so sweet in saying that I am the longest blog friend that you have made and kept in contact with. That makes me feel special.

    “Smoochie” back.

    Also, good luck with the law suit!


  11. sorry for the delay in me getting back to this one (and it looks like i now again have a half dozen or so more to catch up with as well), that being said I am here now.

    trust me to pick the post where you were least ‘in your right mind’ to connect with and comment on, lol! And I’m glad you saw the humour in my comment stream (yes, i can create one all by myself, sometimes have to ;))

    LOL @ “prior consent” …damn straight! (or gay! in this case, no? :P)

    and I am so glad you got your medic alert bracelet – i seem to remember being a strong proponent of your efforts that way, and didn’t even consider the uses when you were unable to communicate but were conscious enough to show the info thereon. A little piece of mind when you’re out in public from now on, eh?


  12. Hi Arkay. Not (nor never) to worry about delays around here. God knows I can be slow enough myself! Also, on that note, I got up not long ago so I am only on my first tea! Slow, indeed! I did do the dishes though! *laughing*

    As far as me “being in my right mind” around here, as well? Surely, you jest! And…in terms of “jest”uring, you know I always find you funny.

    I had to scroll back to the “prior consent” business. I couldn’t remember what I wrote or said. *laughing* I’m not getting too many comments these days as I’m still just writing and screwing around with other things, therefore, not reading anyone else’s blogs. As a result…I’m not “makin’ the rounds.” Not “gettin’ myself out there.”

    But back to the “prior consent” and well, not just gay. More about anal sex. There’s a shower attachment to give yourself (or someone else) a “quick and dirty” and then you can move on.

    Sorry about the “q and d.” I just couldn’t help myself. Also, some edumecation if you didn’t already know about the “shower attachment!”

    Yes, I am very glad for the bracelet. I was able to communicate but even still. It was more (this time) about telling the person that I didn’t need to go to the hospital. Let’s hope I don’t ever get to the point where I can’t communicate! ACK!

    However, it served its purpose twice that night so good enough for me!


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