How Great is Call Display!

I didn’t have my mobile near me last night (and I always keep it on vibrate, anyway) but I picked it up today and there was a “Missed Call” message but no Voicemail.  Well, my address book needs a thorough clean up but this number (and their mobile) I want to keep.

I had texed these folks and ex-partner as soon as I received my dx of Asperger’s.  I wanted them to know.  More importantly, “these folks” as they were friends of ex-partner’s.  Even more importantly, they have a son who is Autistic.  I love them.  I haven’t seen them since ex-partner and I broke up.  That was over two years ago.  Ex-partner and I are still friends but I haven’t talked to her in months.

When we broke up, I asked her if it would still be alright to stay in touch with this family.  She said it was up to me–and them.

Well, guess who called last night? I’ve been carrying around both my mobile and my cordless landline phones all day since I called them back! What a friggin’ loser! I really want to see them, though! We all used to have so much fun and their son is just fantastic! His mother always used to say I have way too much in common with their kid.  Well, I guess that’s pretty clear now?

I’ve mentioned this story before but I’ll tell it again.  It was one of my birthdays while ex-partner and I were still together.  We had them over for dinner and they brought me a present.  The wife of the couple is an artist (a painter.)  Well, my gift was their son’s two, first, free-hand drawings.  They were of both ex-partner and myself.  The only help he needed was to write his name on the side and “sign” them at the bottom in a “true artist’s” style.  Also, they were done on stretched canvas and varnished.

I just started bawling.  Why, me? Surely, his parents should have kept them! Or even given them to ex-partner as she was his godmother! They said that, no, they were for me.

Then, their son (maybe he was around six years old…I can’t remember) came walking over to me and gently started to touch my face and wipe away my tears.  His mom said, “He is just fascinated by tears right now!”

I’m almost getting totally, freaked out by writing all of this (again.)

When ex-partner and I broke up we “argued” (we never fought or argued!) over me telling her to keep them, then me saying we should both take one each…she wouldn’t have any of it.  So, I still have them both.  We also could never distinguish which drawing was either of us! No one could! It will probably remain a mystery until the end of time! *laughing*

So, if they’re calling me to get together, I just can’t wait!


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