NOTE: I Just realized it is Saturday, so my rage will hopefully abate until…Tuesday? Or not. Unfortunately, Monday is a holiday, so for now, I WILL HAVE TO WAIT TO KILL!!!

I am planning to march straight into the stoopid guvmunt’s office(s) who administer my augmented drug plan.  I haven’t decided my weapon of choice yet.  An axe, machete…whatever, I can find to lop off all of their heads! Next, my pharmacy? Well, I love my pharmacy but why didn’t they tell me? Does the owner have Asperger’s too? Did he take my question a bit too literally and not help me out when I needed it the most?

As I have mentioned before, my Biphentin/Extended Release Methylphenidate is not covered.  I can’t recall the exact dollar figure because I was spending like mad to pay for my own, goddamn, “personal pharmacy” out of pocket.  I needed to do this until I reached my own, “personal co-pay.”  I need to pay that quarterly to the stoopid guvmunt until I can get my freebies.  Which really isn’t bad considering, yes, I think one month of Biphentin cost me around $80CDN or something. Indeed, absolutely, heart-stoppingly, horrific! Obviously I need this plan!

Well, Merlin #2 made a point beyond the first two being: “What the fuck and this is ridiculous!” He then said, “Maybe just plain old Ritalin is covered.”  Is it Methylphenidate that that is not in an ER form.  Fine, I’ll take it! I stuck that away in my bean to remember to ask the pharmacy, the next time I was there.

Now, get this! Concerta/Extended Release Methylphenidate, Adderall/Mixed Amphetamine Salts and Dexadrine/Dextroamphetamine are all covered under the stoopid guvmunt’s plan!!! By the way, did you catch that last, little bit about Concerta? Does it look in any way similar to what I wrote about my Biphentin? If not, scroll back up and have a look.  Here’s a hint: ERM.

Now, it’s my turn for a big, fat, “What the fuck?!?!” Every stimulant is covered except MINE that is the goddamn same as Concerta!!! And why did my pharmacy not tell me this??? *PA bangs head against wall*

I have no idea why this is.  Furthermore, why did the stoopid guvmunt not state to Merlin #2 that there were alternatives such as every other stimulant on the market??? Well, I suppose the latter is easy: It’s the stoopid guvmunt!!!

As far having no, bloody, clue why the Biphentin is not covered, maybe they haven’t updated their “compendium” in several years and they have no, bloody, clue what Biphentin is! True, it is a relatively “new” drug.  And being the stoopid guvmunt, it would be of no surprise that they move at a snail’s pace.  No, slower.  If only a rock could move…much better a comparison!

So, it looks like I’ll get shifted back to Concerta which I was taking before since it is the same as Biphentin.  Completely.  Pharmacologically identical.

Now, you are probably wondering why I switched over to the Biphentin from the Concerta.  That is because the titration of the Concerta is rather odd.  I went up to 36mg.  Until that point (18mg…27mg…36mg…do the math.)  That’s a 9mg titration.  Beyond that, it goes from 36mg to 54mg and then to 72mg.  That’s double! 18mg!

I wasn’t getting enough out of the 36mg and needed a bit of a “bump.”  54mg? Oh, dear.  That may have been a bit too much of a “bump!” I am tiny and even though I hadn’t had any side effects and the dangerous ones for me (loss of both appetite and weight) because I’m already in the danger zone for that, 54mg was maybe more about my head; not so much about my body?

Biphentin has an even titration of 10mg all the way up to 80mg.  Let’s switch over to it so I may not go completely over the “stimmy edge,” into mental madness and be running around like a whirling dervish, making less sense than I already do!

So, pack away any sharp objects for a few days and maybe just fantasize about killing frustrating, incompetent, ridiculous bureaucrats!

Oh…see happier post to follow.  No sharp objects needed for that one! *laughing* Except maybe just a steak knife?


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