It seems I have put my foot in it on someone’s blog. All has been said, done, covered.

I truly am “Head Case PA.” I have also ticked off all of my diagnoses (and even one given due to a single incident) as “Categories,” just to let everyone know I am so crazy. *rolls eyes* Maybe anything else relevant, as well?

Regardless…allow me to stream a song as I still feel like a speck of dirt. Not to mention, when any mood hits, I am highly likely to stream a song, anyway!

There was one other time (I thought?) I “put my foot in it” on someone else’s blog but the blogger said I didn’t. I believe the end result over time, was that this blogger didn’t like me swearing on my own blog.

I ended up being removed from this person’s blogroll. Oh, well. I don’t censor myself. FUCK, THAT! *rolls eyes again*

So, I give to you, “Laughter & Forgetting” by David Sylvian.


  1. Sweethart, I did never deleted you from my blogroll. Who do you take me for?
    A nun? Holy shit!
    And just in case here comes one more, so we end up being even @#*##@ (does it look like swearing?, I never know which symbols to put).
    And for your amusment some spanish words for showing discontent: mierda, puta, concha, pelotudo.
    Hope you enjoy this intructive lessons.
    Take care


  2. Hi mariana. Thank you sweetheart but it wasn’t you. It was some other blogger from way back. No, I know you well enough to not take you for…? *laughing*

    Yes, your typing symbols are all correct for replacing swearing. Just hit the “Shift Key” and go for it! There is no correct order. I like to try and mix them up though, just to make them “attractive.” I have no idea what that means. You could probably tell me with what you do, however. Visual acuity with type? Patterns?

    Hey! I’ve just come up with something for you to study! *wink*

    Thank you for your Spanish Lesson! And by the way…I’ve been doing some studying on my own… *giggle*

    Take care too,


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