I thought it might be kind of fun (and maybe a bit embarrassing!) to go through the “Seven Deadly Sins” and try to apply them to my life, somehow.  Just to see how I’ve fared? How I’m faring? It’s actually kind of interesting how the Seven Deadly Sins developed. However, the Wiki link is in need of some citations and clarification, perhaps.

Nonetheless…  Oh, yes.  At some point in “modernity,” the Roman Catholic Church decided to bestow a corresponding Virtue to what we now semantically call the “Seven Deadly Sins.”  I also say “semantically,” as that is another factor of several to where we have now arrived with their usage–if they are, in fact, used in Sacrament to date.  PA is an atheist.  She would not know, having not stepped into a Roman Catholic Church in years!

Lust/Chastity – Oh, good “heavens!” What a way to begin! Can we somehow “erase” all of my (hypo)manic days? *PA rolls eyes* However, things have changed now.  I only have feelings of lust for the one that I am in love with.  Complete monogamy and when I am involved with someone, I have eyes for no one else.  PA will never stray.  Although, are those lustful thoughts “too many?” *laughing* Well, if so…what about the “Chastity” business? Oh, forget it! Some kind of “belt” or other “contraption?” I’d rip it off in about 10 seconds!

Gluttony/Temperance – This is basically about food and “wastefulness.”  Nope.  Okay, perhaps if I try to eat and I can’t very well.  I don’t throw it out, though! It goes back into the fridge for later! Temperance may be a bit of a problem if we work backwards.  I drink too much. *PA hangs head*

Greed/Charity – No, I don’t really value material items.  They may be nice to have but I always say: “If you can’t afford to replace it if you break it or lose it–don’t buy it!”

Sloth/Diligence – Oh, my…here we go again with number one! I don’t even think I should comment here.  By not even doing so, it may demonstrate the point? *laughing*

Wrath/Patience – I can probably count on one hand where I have even gotten close to being angry with people or specific persons.  I am more likely to be hurt and twist it around and feel blame.  Patience? Some people may perceive me as not being patient but it is more my impulsivity shining through.  Either way, I get pissed off with my impulsivity! It has caused definite problems!

Envy/Kindness – I do not envy people for what they have in their lives, may that be their professions, their health, their material possessions (as stated above.)  Whatever! I am always happy when something good comes anyone’s way.  I would also like to think that I am kind?

Pride/Humility – Oh, wow.  I feel so terrible about myself so often, if there was some kind of “Pride Meter,” I’d break it just by placing one toe on it! And I don’t mean in a positive, measurement way, obviously! Humility? I apologize for everything! I feel guilt for everything! I think I even apologize for other people’s gaffes and mistakes!


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