Oh, That Last One Was a Charmer

Apologies.  I seem to be back in “Posts Don’t Make Any Sense Land.”

I’ll probably get out of it soon…too much going on in my head.


  1. I like nonsense – it wakes up the brain cells. I am sending you a conversation I got about work, and you can check what nonsense is.


  2. LOL made sense to me but perhaps that only tells us how screwed up *my* head is?! ;)


  3. Hi mariana. Thanks, sweetie. That’s kind of funny regarding your comment about nonsense and it waking up the brain cells.

    You know, I can completely understand why you would say that! *smirk*

    90845286237674791248651984719827 (inserts nonsense to wake Mariana up) 34857268289427894652

    Alright, now that was nonsense!

    Yes, please. Send along some stuff about your work. It may make me laugh/smile a bit.

    Hi Catatonic Kid. Well, I’m glad it made sense to you, doll.

    No, it did to me too within its context but then something really, freaky weird happened after I wrote it. I just turned off my computer and sat there. Then I became YOU! HA!

    I just sat there, almost like a Catatonic Kid as my eyes glazed over and I couldn’t hardly move! Then it was sort of: left, right; wrong, right; up, down… Where am I?

    Oh, of course I’m in my apartment! And now that I can move, let’s go have a cigarette.

    After that, I felt it was definitely time for a Valium and anything else that could calm me the hell down! Then it was time for the rest of my damn meds and some sleep…THEN it was time for shite sleep and bad dreams again.

    There’s a definite reason for the sleep/dream jazz. I could make a Post about it but would anyone care? I mean, is it significant? There’s a pretty obvious connection/reason but for two nights??? Fuck, me!

    There’s something else I wrote up before, regarding sexual assault, me, confusion… Maybe that? Tie them together but that doesn’t make sense…really…? Maybe write nothing?

    Wow, I’m really rambling to both of you. However, I seem to have the beast of depression on my back, today. Perhaps I can drown him with my usual pints and pints of tea. Or I’ll just beat myself with a stick to get him off my back!


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