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People have almost slapped me upside the head for saying I like Tony Bennett better than Frank Sinatra.  No, really! It’s not that I don’t like Frankie…I just prefer Tony! C’mon! What’s wrong with a little personal preference, here?

I was talking to someone who likes Tony, too.  And who also isn’t feeling so great like me at the moment.

So, for this person: “Just In Time” by Tony Bennett.

I hope it makes them smile.

I fear the time is nigh.

Again, people, if you do not know what a Squiddle is, do a search on my blog and you can read all about my “adventures” from last year.  Including the one where a rather large (not to mention, extremely offensive and painful) piece of tree bark fell on my head!

Now, if it wasn’t bad enough, a short while ago a bird shit on me (for the third time in my life, may I add.)  I don’t know which would have been more ridiculous: the big, giant “plop” landing on me or squarely into my mug of tea!

I was outside recently and a tree branch (with lovely, spear-like appendages) flew through the air and landed a few feet away from me on my deck.  It was approximately 3mm to 4mm in diameter?

I was just outside now (peacefully enjoying more tea) and what did I see? Now, as cute and amazing as it was, also frighteningly ominous! Mr. (or Ms.) black, little Squiddle scampered up the neighbour’s fence beside me and looked at me for a few seconds.  Guess what it had, completely stuffed into its tiny, little face?

A big, fat acorn!

I have never actually seen a Squiddle with its mouth full of food and yes, quite the sight.  However…

… it’s coming…