Bird Shit! Tree Shit! Squiddles!

I fear the time is nigh.

Again, people, if you do not know what a Squiddle is, do a search on my blog and you can read all about my “adventures” from last year.  Including the one where a rather large (not to mention, extremely offensive and painful) piece of tree bark fell on my head!

Now, if it wasn’t bad enough, a short while ago a bird shit on me (for the third time in my life, may I add.)  I don’t know which would have been more ridiculous: the big, giant “plop” landing on me or squarely into my mug of tea!

I was outside recently and a tree branch (with lovely, spear-like appendages) flew through the air and landed a few feet away from me on my deck.  It was approximately 3mm to 4mm in diameter?

I was just outside now (peacefully enjoying more tea) and what did I see? Now, as cute and amazing as it was, also frighteningly ominous! Mr. (or Ms.) black, little Squiddle scampered up the neighbour’s fence beside me and looked at me for a few seconds.  Guess what it had, completely stuffed into its tiny, little face?

A big, fat acorn!

I have never actually seen a Squiddle with its mouth full of food and yes, quite the sight.  However…

… it’s coming…


  1. Hi PA, long time since I visited! Sometimes Life gets too complicated to keep up with all the Blogger’s I’d like to.

    Had a horrible few years with my parents dying in 2007 just over 6 weeks apart, and having to deal with the lawyer from hell who was joint executor with husband. We’ve now instructed a new Solicitor, and things are gradually moving on at long last.

    It’s supposed to be lucky if a bird carps (swap a and r) on you!

    Off to try and catch up on the rest of the 200 posts that have amassed since I last managed to visit your Blog! ;-) Actually, I’ll probably just catch up on your more recent news.

    Sounds like you’re having something of a hard time at the moment. Hope things pick up for you soon.

    Best wishes from grey and muggy Liverpool,



  2. Oh, Maggie! It is SO good to see you! It has been such a long time but don’t you worry about that. You are right too. Life can get too complicated to keep up with reading blogs. I am incredibly guilty of that–a true example–I have not been keeping up with anyone.

    I’m sorry to hear about your parents and all of the legal woes. It sounds like a complete nightmare. Oh, my god. These things can happen though. And unfortunately, way too often!

    Yes, the bird shit. They say that three is a lucky number? Well, obviously I’ve surpassed that now by it being number four? I don’t think I have any luck but bad. Or any luck beyond that period. Bad or none!

    You are funny. 200 Posts since you have been gone. I’m not sure of an actual number…well, you’re the boss. You know how long it’s been! However, read whatever you wish. No pressure.

    Yes, things have not exactly been sugar and light lately…hopefully something will turn around soon?

    Loving the love from muggy Liverpool,

    PA (and sending it back from Canada)


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