Tony Bennett vs. Frank Sinatra

People have almost slapped me upside the head for saying I like Tony Bennett better than Frank Sinatra.  No, really! It’s not that I don’t like Frankie…I just prefer Tony! C’mon! What’s wrong with a little personal preference, here?

I was talking to someone who likes Tony, too.  And who also isn’t feeling so great like me at the moment.

So, for this person: “Just In Time” by Tony Bennett.

I hope it makes them smile.


  1. Aha! I was wondering why all of the sudden I felt like some kind of “thing” that was going to just drop or fall over at any second…and why my tummy doesn’t feel that great…

    I’m running a 102 degree fever!

    First the mind, then the body…?


  2. dw

    i prefer tony’s stuff over sinatra most always… but they’re just different. Sometimes ya want a lil frank, sometimes ya want a lil tony, yanno? (don’t tell my guinea boyfriend i said that)

    my favorite example re: the frank vs. tony debate:

    same tune. so. very. different. both fantastic.

    as my mama used to say…
    season to taste.

    be well, girly. ; )


  3. Hi dw, good to see you.

    I.Fucking.Know. This one by Tony… *melt* I want it to be my wedding song or something! *laughing*

    Really, this has to be one of the best renditions on the planet!!!

    And you’re hilarious about your “guinea boyfriend.” Oh, you crack me up!

    Take care, hon’.

    Oh…PA wants to be flown to the moon now!


  4. Ameroux

    I feel exactly the same way about the Tony v. Frank thing. Love ’em both, but prefer Tony. And “Just in Time” is one of my faves. Have you seen the Judy Garland version from her TV show? It rocks. I’m at work and can’t listen to this now, but believe me, I will blast it later! Thanks, PA!


  5. ah, for me it’s Burl Ives and Bing Crosby (not Frankie and Tony)…

    and if possible, some Louie Armstrong :)

    now, just to throw a twist in the works, there’s a really interesting question in a ‘modern’ rock i keep hearing, “Who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?”


  6. Hi Ameroux, good to see you. Ah, another one for “my side!” *laughing*

    No, I don’t think I have seen that but this song is one of my absolute favourites, as well.

    You’re welcome and enjoy listening. Okay, I suppose you have already as I’m a bit late in responding!

    Hi Arkay. A Burl and Bing! I’ve never thought of those two but I’d go Bing, for sure. And Louie? No question about him! Awesome.

    Beatles vs. Rolling Stones? Blech. Sorry, I’d neither be either. I guess I’m just too sick of hearing them over and over even though their songs are deemed “classics!”


  7. see? that’s (another reason) why i like you! My first thought to the Beatles/Stones question was ‘neither’ too :D (and it ain’t changed none neither over time :P)

    and i love the lyrical nature of “a Burl and a Bing” :-)


  8. Hi Arkay. Indeed, we do hit it off! And “Burl and Bing.”

    True, they are artists but I did have a bit of a chuckle over the alliteration and just the aural…”Burl and Bing!”


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