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…you can not even handle chicken soup? However, please bear with me until the end of this post because I got an even more wonderful “surprise” today!

This is one mean son of a bitch I’ve got! I was so nauseous, in pain, so much that it woke me up at 0630hrs yesterday and there was no way I could go back to sleep.  Now, you would think I would be used to this with all of the gastro problems I have had over the years where no one could really figure out what was wrong but I know this is a virus (fever etc…)

So, fiddle with the computer until exhaustion hit, go back to bed and just lie there and feel like dying, take another Nexium/Esomeprazole to maybe take the pain away–and only liquids! Just the thought of food made me feel even worse!

I finally got up about seven hours later (there was no way I could sleep!) and stared at my DVDs for eternity.  I turned the television on and I just couldn’t resist! Oh, the irony! “Outbreak” was on! Quite loosely based on the book, “The Hot Zone” which was about Ebola.  Well, at least I didn’t have a Haemorrhagic Fever! I just felt like I did.

So, I was feeling maybe a bit better and decided to try some chicken soup.  It’s liquid.  Oh, my fucking god! As soon as I finished it–and I’m not kidding here–I was immediately in severe pain AGAIN!!! It was only chicken soup!!!

Now, I did have two of those weird, chewy, ginger, Gravol thingies left.  I saved them for bedtime.  Makes sense? I needed sleep? Pop those, a Valium/Diazepam, everything else…pray for sleep.  Thankfully, I got some.

Which brings us to today.  A couple of small victories? I managed to shower from crazy, fever-sleep.  I had enough energy to walk to the corner store to buy some Ibuprophen, more gingerale, more of those wacky, ginger, Gravol things (at least in pill form…)  Gravol, what are you doing to me??? I like you to space me out, knock me out! These things don’t! The Valium doesn’t knock me out!

Let’s kill one of those victories (and then both.)  I got my period today.  Oh, fuck me! Well, thank $DEITY for the Ibuprophen as the Acetaminophen does shit in that department! But like I need that on top of everything else right now! However, that is not the wonderful surprise I was referring to above.

I was drinking my tea and then guess what happened? Oh, I can be pretty sure you can see this coming…


Now, nobody messes with PA and her tea! Everyone knows that around here! Plus, I have to be seriously, fucking ill to actually throw up!!! What is going on here???

So, at this point, I am looking for volunteers with any sharp objects who will sever all parts of me from my abdomen to my pelvis.  Any takers?