Just For the Seizure Diary

No need to comment, this is just for me to keep track.  However, feel free to comment if you wish.

Massive epigastric rising (although, I still am a bit viral but this I know so well from my seizures.)

Drooling a bit–typical for me.

Simple Partial Motor with my legs.  My right as pretty much usual.  I twisted my right ankle in the process and now have it elevated but I’m sure it will be fine.  Everything basically relaxes after SPM seizures.  However, your ankle is not a muscle…still, I’m sure it will be fine.

Tonight was interesting.  I don’t think there is any point in getting into it.  A lot of things were going through my head.  I was out, writing like crazy and finishing a short story…also something, perhaps, “personal” on my mind?

Some emotions were flowing and my head was racing but that didn’t “cause” my seizure! Please.

No, I think I know what “precipitated” it (and that isn’t even a good enough word–oh, “precipitate” a seizure!) And don’t even get me started on the whole “cause” vs. “lowering threshold” issue!

You will make go insane as no one (or few) understand the difference!

So, anyway.  I’m a little messed up, kind of sore, wobbly legs.  At some point, I will de-elevate my ankle.  I certainly have been worse, though!

I’m so ridiculous.  As soon as I could start walking, grab a bottle of water and head outside for a cigarette.  Well, come on! Gimme a break!

I think I want another one now.

Take care everyone.  I’ll try to as well.  It shouldn’t be hard.  I’m on my bed and as soon as I could make it to my med arsenal…post-seizure benzo push!

I should put a caveat here.  I probably don’t need to though.  People with Epilepsy know what they need to do.


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