Archive for June 2nd, 2009

…take me off this roller coaster!!! I was outside having some tea and I started crying again over Merlin #1.  I come back inside and I have a telephone message.  I checked the call display and did not recognize the number.  I figured a wrong number but maybe my VM heard something so…message!

It was a call about a job.  The woman wanted to go over some questions via telephone.  I just about fell over in complete spasticness! I mean, as screwed up as I feel right now, I had to call back!!! However, I could hear everything except the company or organization’s name! ARGH! Unclear VMs!!!

So make the call, open my resume, get onto my personal account and start searching like mad to find what I think the damn place is.  I was right. *huge sigh of relief*

But then I think, ‘how am I going to sound on the phone???’ I feel like utter crap!

I think I did alright.  Try to make myself sound all “this and that,” the “cat’s pyjamas” and all.  And answer honestly! In case I actually make the shortlist and they do some kind of wacky tests! I don’t think I sounded uber-shaky, either. *rolls eyes*

Plus, OMG, wow! Did this woman ever have a load of questions! And this was a first round telephone interview? If I get shortlisted, ‘geez! Are they going to ask me what colour my underwear is? She also said that there were some other jobs available so better chances if not for this one where I applied?

It’s in the medical sector too.  A good match?

I need more tea.  I feel like I’m going to throw up.  Not because of the tea, though.