Archive for June 3rd, 2009

This is pretty hilarious, actually.  I’m at J.’s right now (original plan to be fed and for some cheer) but when we spoke on the phone today, he said he was having some problems with his (X)HTML.  Now, for anyone who doesn’t recall, last year I took a “Beginner’s Web Design Course.”  It just about made me want to strangle myself!

Content for PA? Good.  Design for PA? BAD! Still, I said, “I can try and help you with the code if you want, J.”  He was almost ecstatic! OMG.  Seriously, people.

So, all the while, I’m trying to remember what little I could remember of what little I had learned.  My first question.  Do you even have the proper CSS inserted to start with in your document? You need that to recognize everything.

Well, J. is a programmer but is all back end (I love saying that…it sounds so dirty!) But you know, I’ve always been surprised that he has never had any experience with (X)HTML and CSS. *PA scratches head* No, matter.

So, I looked at what he had done and we were talking about it.  I got set up so he could email me the bare code and I could then try and work with it (like I even knew what I was doing but with Dreamweaver and at least some Firefox Toolbars, maybe detect some errors? Or maybe I could find some Deprecated Code?

While I’m toiling away…surprise! He fixed it! Oh, then another problem…but then, he fixed it! It wasn’t really with serious coding but hex. code colours.  Also, he was working within a program to simply shove the bare bones HTML (no X!) through to his the main app.  I had absolutely no clue what he was writing in beyond the HTML but obviously some sort of bridge.

Oh, well.  I got to “pretend” to feel smart for a little while. *laughing*

Now, we’re just going to eat, hang out and geek out in our typical manner.