I apologize.  I’m perhaps sinking a bit in the “high brow” humour of the post found here regarding my last read and now becoming a bit silly? Maybe it was finally getting through quite a number of words and arriving at “S?” A lot were repetitive too so I did become rather bored and sort of skipped along to other, better words.  All the while, considering soooo many words, thoughts of this were constantly running through my head:

erotographomania – arousal from writing love poems or letters.  Derived from Greek eros (desire, sexual love) graphein (to write) mania (madness, craving.)

We did not appreciate the extent of our uncle’s erotographomania until we discovered copies of his three thousand love letters.

Indeed.  Which I have indulged in, truth be told.  Should you become one of PAs passionate paramours–be forewarned!

So, yes.  I found the word in the subject title and I just started laughing so hard! I know…perhaps completely juvenile but so am I.  Or I can be.  However, I thought it perfect for my blog.

And me.  Check out the definition.  It’s brief but fitting. *PA raises eyebrows*

sexautism – the tendency to be preoccupied with sexual thoughts.  Derived from Latin sexus (sex) and Greek autos (self.)

The psychiatrist explained that persons affected by sexautism think about sex even more often than most adolescent males.

And to close, how much better can it get for their (sometimes) entertaining sentence examples.  In this one, a psychiatrist?


  1. If it makes you feel better…

    …while never nearly as prolific a writer as you, I am sure, I have also been known to suffer from erotographomania from time to time…

    (sudden coughing fit…)


  2. Hi Maria. Ah, yes. There was one more post indicated by the Pingback in the previous one. That leads us here. Also, I was being repetitive in my comment by saying the book is repetitive! That’s because these posts are a bit older. Which is fine. I love coming back to older posts I’ve written!

    So, we have a couple more from “E” and “S.” That’s still not going to stop me from writing another post, though!

    I have been told I am very prolific on my blog. *nods* Sometimes I wonder if I go overboard! Alas.

    And truth be told from my side? A lot of the terms apply to me in that book! More than I care to mention, in fact! *laughing*


  3. Well, since I haven’t read the book I cannot say if they apply to me as well. Maybe they do and here I am, deceiving myself and singing lullabies. Hmm…And since I truly do not know how to categorize myself (perverted…mildly perverted with chunky tomatoes or extra, industrial strength perverted…) I *really* need to get copy.


    Read your future blog entries.

    (Taps forefinger on table. Waits patiently for future entries on this subject…)


  4. Hi Maria. True enough. Maybe you can get by without the book. Just spend some time pondering your own psyche, thinking about fantasies…any “curiosities” you may have?

    My future entries? Maybe you should work in reverse. Have a look at my past entries. Granted, this blog’s been up for almost four years now. That could mean a lot of searching.

    How much time do you have on your hands? Also, even though I am anonymous, not every detail of my life gets posted here. No way!


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