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If you use gmail, they have these “Headlines” re: News and such.  I just saw one that read:

“The body of a 68-year old woman is found in her Quebec home.”

Gee.  That’s really fucking astounding.  So what was she doing there? Watching television? Talking on the telephone to her grandson?

Maybe it’s the Asperger’s kicking in and I’m getting a bit too literal.

Or maybe if I was a journo, I’d rewrite that.

Or…maybe I’m just being a really, snarky, little PA right now.  And this Post isn’t funny at all.

It would appear that the The Baroness of Bipolar© dropped by for tea yesterday and no one seemed to notice at all! As a result, Madame Depressiva© has spent the entire day in bed sleeping, not able to move and now that she is finally awake (and it is near dinner time…) she is quite reluctant to take her meds (or do anything, really.)

Why? For she is Madame Depressiva© of course! Why the hell should she give a damn about a tiny handful of pills! They certainly haven’t seemed to help much, that’s for sure! Just look at her!

*Madame Depressiva© decides to wander off and take some pills*

Well, now that Madame Depressiva© has done that and had a cigarette, perhaps she can attempt to gain some insight as to “why” this happened.  Maybe it was just her brain telling her that she hadn’t cycled in a while so it was simply time for another round? *wry grin*

The loss of Merlin #1, a future job prospect, some personal issues that really can’t be discussed here…three things that have made significant impact recently.

*Madame Depressiva© shakes head*

A “Domino Effect?”

Madame Depressiva© is now wondering what the glorious “Hurricane” of Bipolar Cycling is not going to leave behind this time but what it is going to take away.  Merlin #1 is already gone.  The job? She may not even get it.  The personal? It might have already been gone before she even knew she had it.

Just as quickly as The Baroness of Bipolar© darkened her doorstep and she had absolutely no clue.

This is redonculous.  Where should I start?

“Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start…”

NOTE: Not the post I wanted t make!!!

I (trying to type…taking a while…) came home and walked up the stairs and grasped the wooden…railing, would you call it? Whatever.  I have done this how many times since I have lived in my shitty flat.  Well! Tonight I received a massive splinter that actually made my hand bleed!

Now, not that this is a crisis.  Remember, PA is a cutter but the “crisis” was that PA only had “cutting supplies!”

I need to get a First Aid Kit.

I managed to find an H-Bandgage so that’s all good with some antibiotic.  But wow! It was like a 2×4 in my hand! I felt it going in and I was like…oh, come on!!!

I immediately yanked it out but erm…yes.  When I walked inside? Some blood.  Time for some anti-bi and wrapping.

And to think I had a better Post than a fucking splinter in my hand…

Yay for PA and her blog.

And her hand.