Poking…Posting…Are You Kidding?

This is redonculous.  Where should I start?

“Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start…”

NOTE: Not the post I wanted t make!!!

I (trying to type…taking a while…) came home and walked up the stairs and grasped the wooden…railing, would you call it? Whatever.  I have done this how many times since I have lived in my shitty flat.  Well! Tonight I received a massive splinter that actually made my hand bleed!

Now, not that this is a crisis.  Remember, PA is a cutter but the “crisis” was that PA only had “cutting supplies!”

I need to get a First Aid Kit.

I managed to find an H-Bandgage so that’s all good with some antibiotic.  But wow! It was like a 2×4 in my hand! I felt it going in and I was like…oh, come on!!!

I immediately yanked it out but erm…yes.  When I walked inside? Some blood.  Time for some anti-bi and wrapping.

And to think I had a better Post than a fucking splinter in my hand…

Yay for PA and her blog.

And her hand.


  1. ow!! bugger.

    when was your last tetanus shot, hun?


  2. Hi Catatonic Kid. I can’t believe you (or anyone!) responded to this useless and redonculous Post!

    But thank you!

    Yes, bugger indeed!

    I still have a bit of a pretty nice wound!

    I can’t remember my last Tet. I know I had one for a cutting and they are good for what, nine years or something? If my hand starts to ooze rainbows of pus, I’ll head straight to hospital. *rolls eyes*

    Thanks, love.


  3. LOL You should get it updated. They’re only good for about 10 years.


  4. Hi Catatonic Kid. Yes, I could? Still, I know I got one with my first cutting and then I’m pretty damn sure I got one later as the first had probably “expired.”

    I should just take a damn Phlebotomy Course and say to hell with it! DIY Poking!

    Oh, dear…that didn’t come out quite right did it?!


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