So, What Did the Hurricane Leave Behind this Time?

It would appear that the The Baroness of Bipolar© dropped by for tea yesterday and no one seemed to notice at all! As a result, Madame Depressiva© has spent the entire day in bed sleeping, not able to move and now that she is finally awake (and it is near dinner time…) she is quite reluctant to take her meds (or do anything, really.)

Why? For she is Madame Depressiva© of course! Why the hell should she give a damn about a tiny handful of pills! They certainly haven’t seemed to help much, that’s for sure! Just look at her!

*Madame Depressiva© decides to wander off and take some pills*

Well, now that Madame Depressiva© has done that and had a cigarette, perhaps she can attempt to gain some insight as to “why” this happened.  Maybe it was just her brain telling her that she hadn’t cycled in a while so it was simply time for another round? *wry grin*

The loss of Merlin #1, a future job prospect, some personal issues that really can’t be discussed here…three things that have made significant impact recently.

*Madame Depressiva© shakes head*

A “Domino Effect?”

Madame Depressiva© is now wondering what the glorious “Hurricane” of Bipolar Cycling is not going to leave behind this time but what it is going to take away.  Merlin #1 is already gone.  The job? She may not even get it.  The personal? It might have already been gone before she even knew she had it.

Just as quickly as The Baroness of Bipolar© darkened her doorstep and she had absolutely no clue.


  1. American-English royal terms, I haven’t heard those words used for a while. Very posh. Reminds me of the unseen man; Chiefly British, for some reason, or the frisk down at the Heathrow.

    I’d love to have you check out my blog, I welcome your feedback, you seem sharp.

    I hope to hear from you, and hope you feel better!



  2. Hi nadamadison. Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. I haven’t seen you here before. Thank you so much for the compliments on my “terms.”

    Actually, due to all of my diagnoses/comorbidities I have bestowed upon myself several “titles.”

    There. You have them all, now. I enjoy wordplay quite a bit and also speaking in the third person (maybe a bit too much there…) Still, no matter.

    Oh, and you “posh’ed” me! Now I am truly flattered! *grin*

    Plus, you think I am sharp? Well, a lot of the time I very much feel like the dull knife in the drawer but thank you for that as well.

    I have just had a look at your blog and will Bookmark it so I can hopefully get back to it and have a better read.

    Again, thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me well. I am an Ultradian Cycler so it’s really fast for me (and I am a super fast Ultradian Cycler!) I guess there is a bit of a blessing there? It is over quickly but cycling is never fun.

    Take care,


  3. Patient Jane Doe,

    I just got your message I was in a think tank reading about some Roman architecture as I’m redecorating. I actually think I can see Mars. Stop = ?

    Cybil would be a good add on to your characters of mass destruction. Your name isn’t Cybil, is it? I wonder how that name ranks?

    I’m sorry to hear how ill you are, maybe it at least provides an identity of some sort though.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m sure a woman who wears so many ‘titles’ must be quite busy…doing something. Oh yes, you play with words, so probably coding blogs. And don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m certain your not very dull. However, it is more comforting to think that you are. Knives are dangerous.

    Spare the agony of re-reading the blog, princess.

    You may be ill but your not as bad as you think you are, I’ve met you before, and I’ll meet you again. Same story, always.

    On the other hand, re-read the blog, please, it’s meant to be very supportive and helpful for those mentally ill.

    Ciao Cybil, you don’t mind if I call you Cybil do you?

    Best Regards,

    Mea Nada Madison


  4. Hi nadamadison. Patient Jane Doe? Well, no one has addressed me by that one before.

    Spock has been to Mars on her way heading home to Vulcan, actually. Granted, that is taking the “scenic route.” There’s not much to it–frightfully boring as a planet, actually.

    Cybil as another of the “Mass Destruction Monikers.” Well, at least you didn’t write it with an “S,” way back when “Multiple Personality Disorder” was all the rage and in vogue. Now, called DID, of course and that I do not have!

    Cybil is not my name but by all means, call me that if you wish! I never grew up with many nicknames. Well, I probably did but undoubtedly they were all said behind my back while being mercilessly bullied and teased. Indeed.

    Thank you for caring about me being so “ill.” When you are a “Head Case” as I am, sometimes these things can not be avoided. *rolls eyes*

    My titles really do not keep me so busy other than being crazy, I suppose. No, I have been unemployed for over a year now (I was laid off, not sacked) so I supposed that keeps me crazy as well…however, busy too when I can take some time off from being crazy and keep applying for jobs.

    Knives? I know. Bad, bad, bad! I am a cutter. I never created a title for that one though. It’s not a dx so forget it. No point.

    No, your blog is definitely worth reading. I was curious about the sort of…idea of…well, people getting together? Maybe I should email you when I get my head back together, somewhat. Say, in 10 years or so? Oh, I am so funny…

    Seriously, though. Perhaps I got the concept wrong but either way, if not, some “crazy” ideas?

    Take care dear,


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