Great. Fantastic! Wonderful! Throw me over the edge even more! I just checked my personal email.

So much for the potential job that came up!

No go.

*PA crying*

Make it stop…though a futile request…I’m reaching a breaking point but I’m only hoping that it’s transient.


  1. Uncle Tree

    Good luck finding a job, PA.

    It’s amazing, our ability
    to slow the clock
    extend every minute
    countdown to misery
    damn lazy numbers
    the hands are frozen
    the sun refuses to help
    tomorrow, tomorrow…
    yeah, right! Me2

    Seize the day,
    not your heart.


  2. (Just use babelfish translator in the parts you do not get, I think you are going to like it more if you can apreciate at list a bit of the spanish words)

    El mundo laboral es decepcionante. Sobretodo cuando los que te rodean son ineptos. Sé que no entiendes de lo que escribo, pero dibujar el panorama es complejo, puesto que es dificil tratar de explicar que no es la persona a la que ataco y/o condeno, es a las competencias. Como los tableros de ajedrez: cada pieza tiene unos movimientos especificos que no pueden variar, ya que se enmarcan en normas. Ganar o no la partida depende de la habilidad para mover las piezas; si intentas mover las piezas de otra forma ya no es ajedrez lo que jugamos. Es capricho.


  3. Hi Uncle Tree. Thank you. And well…some creativity here? Thank you so much again.

    Hi mariana. Wow! Things are getting interesting here. Some Spanish for me! Yes, I will need to translate it for sure but I have a feeling that it is already good.

    Thank you…


  4. ¿Qué forma toma una charca?


  5. Hi nadamadison. I see. I do not speak Spanish. In fact, at times I can barely warble English.

    You…I’m not sure what to say. Barely a couple of blog comments and…?

    Suffice? You have captured my attention. And reciprocity (not to boast for I have no ego, nor self-esteem…)

    Note: Ambiguous terms but interpret as you wish.

    However, as per reciprocity, you keep coming back to PAs playground. And you are new to it?

    And you are smart…methinks. If so, then why bother coming back?

    “Move along, move along…nothing to see here…” (translate that into boring blog sense.)

    You have piqued my curiosity…


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