Apologies to Everyone…

Well, there seemed to be a fair bit of havoc, alcohol-induced shenanigans and what not going on last night!

I’m sorry to everyone or anyone who is upset or angry (I sure know one commenter is!)

If I could honestly and truthfully tell you about everything going on that made me cycle recently, what brought things to certain points last night…I would.  Some I have mentioned but I already share enough of my personal life here.

There are other things I am dealing with as well that I am not writing about.  I can’t write them here! Everything has its limits!

I’m sick again.  Running more fevers etc…  I know, nothing but bad news keeps coming through the door! I think I will probably go back to J.’s couch now.  I may be too tired to make the long trek back to my place and stay over another night.  He already went to my place and grabbed my meds etc…


  1. dw

    stop apologizing, girl.


  2. Hi dw. Thanks. “I’m sorry” but I can’t stop apologizing. *wry grin*

    It’s in my nature. I’m conditioned…


  3. dw

    conditioned … pfffft.

    ever see what pavlov’s old dog could do after a couple of swift kicks to the ass?? huh!??


    ; ) chin up, buckaroo.


  4. findingmecrazy

    Hey, it’s Hannah from Portrait of a Dreamer (my blog has changed names and moved to wordpress and also changed to private, but I added you so you should be able to read it).

    Seems like a lot has been going on over here, are you ok? That all must be so tough to go through. I’m glad J’s looking after you at least.

    And yes, there certainly are limits as to what you can write on public blogs, I’ve learned that lesson. But really hope you’re ok or that things are getting better at least x


  5. haven’t been visiting here lately (or anywhere for that matter) so ize clearly out of the loop (though that’s no different that usual :P), so i will just say i hope things have shifted +ve for you since this post (it’s been a couple of days – by the date showing) and that you’re doing ok (as far as that statement can hold for you …or me …or any of us for that matter).



  6. Hi dw. Pavlov’s dog, eh? Well, I certainly won’t argue I need some swift arse kickin’. Thanks.

    Hi findingmecrazy, aka Hannah. Thanks for the WP note. I got it. Let me know if you want me to take “Portrait” off of my Blogroll. As you said, you changed name and made it private. Therefore, I am assuming it is a new one altogether and you didn’t do a migration.

    Yes, things have/had gotten a little wild over here at PAs Playground. That can certainly tend to happen at times. And yes, J. has been good but today we seemed to have hit a bump in the road and… *sigh*…should I appease? I always do for people regardless of my wellness. Put them first. I somehow feel I should as he has been fabulous throughout my hospital stay. I really feel tremendously ill today, though. Tremendously.

    Sorry to hear you must have been somehow burned from revealing too much on your blog. I share a lot of personal information but I’m not sure if I do it in a way that sort of circumvents the smaller details? Or they may not be of deeper personal relevance? Good questions.

    I am definitely not okay right now. However, hopefully things will get back on track soon? Soonish? I can barely even think now, even though this response may sound fine.

    It’s actually being written by a robot.

    Hi Arkay. Thanks for the hugs. Not to worry about keeping current, as always. However, there will be more to come with the “Hospital Installments.” Just like the last time when I blogged about my stay.


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