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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In light of recent (and past) events, I decided to hospitalize myself. It took forever to be admitted, of course, so let’s say on Wednesday, June 10, 2009. Yep. This is round number seven!

I didn’t know if there would be much of a point to this (my third) voluntary admission. And let me tell you, did I ever have to talk my way into this one! Simply because I’m not walking into the damn hospital with a gun to my head or bathed in blood…well, surely I still couldn’t be ill and in need of assistance?

I still don’t know. *shakes head* All I did know was that going home alone and continuing on would have sped up the downward, emotional spiral. So this was the only way I felt I could stop it! Throw my sorry ass into hospital for yes, the seventh time.

I am very tired. I have barely had any sleep overnight until getting getting up to the Psych. Ward from the Emergency Dept. Not to mention, I received rather interesting (and special?) treatment from the paramedics! When they took one look at my Medic-Alert Bracelet, I was immediately placed in a wheelchair! *laughing* WTF? Granted, I do have a lot of diagnoses but I am not a paraplegic!

I will say, however, they are very good for practising your parallel parking skills. Believe me! I was rolling around all over the place. Going for cigarettes, to the bathroom, getting water… I kind of felt like House when he was in his for a while as I was so cantankerous and completely pissed off throughout the whole night and morning!

NOTE: Perhaps they were worried I’d have some sort of seizure…

The Ward? So far pretty good? I haven’t been to this hospital in several years. It seems nice and quiet (my roommate certainly is which is great!) Your various forms of nutcases including a young man who is at least a cutter from the amount of scars on his arms. A gent who is no doubt on the Spectrum somewhere due to his echolalia. Some woman who will not stop rambling in some (I think?) Eastern European language. The “Spectrum Guy” and she are always fighting.

EDIT: I later found out she was speaking in Greek.

Some of the funniest moments on the first day? J. was with me and ‘True Lies’ was on TV. Something happened in the movie that really wasn’t that funny. However, some sort of domino effect of humour rippled through a bunch of my fellow whackjobs, one guy even fell down on the floor and was rolling around… At that point, even J. and I could hardly stifle anything and joined in on “the chorus,” although we were only giggling a bit.

Immediately after that, I found out rather frightfully they had an intercom system. You see, I was “paged” to come to the Nursing Station. The only problem was, one of the intercoms was directly behind J.’s and my head while we were sitting on the couch enjoying ‘True Lies.’ I don’t know which one of us jumped further in the air as soon as we heard, “my page.” Gah.

Shortly after that, one man who had a pass came back shouting, “I’ve got Kleenex™!!! Who wants some???” as he proudly waved the box in the air. No takers. I spoke up and said I’d like some as my allergies have definitely kicked in and the stuff they have in the hospital is like sandpaper.

The last? We were having dinner and there is a telephone in the room. It started to ring and no one could be bothered to pick it up. Everyone kept ignoring it and it kept ringing. And ringing. And ringing… Finally this great, big, tall man marched over and picked it up. He said in this low, monotonous voice: “We’re having dinner. Call back in 10 minutes.” Then he promptly hung up and walked away. It was priceless. I thought I was going to fall off my chair as I tried not to burst out laughing.

No one else was laughing.

J. was still there and also trying to maintain composure. Ah, dear J. Ran off to pick up things I didn’t bring along in my madness. He also brought me a “gift,” some snacks and the paper and pen I am using to write on. He’ll be back to see me tomorrow and said to just call if I needed anything else.

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Yes, I admitted myself to hospital and that is why I have been in absentia if anyone has been wondering.  I am home now and it seems that baby MacBook needs to go to hospital too.  I guess I infected him as well. *PA hangs head*

I wrote it all up as I was there.  The Good, Bad and the Ugly.  In retrospect (linkbating…) ugly. However, I should post everything chronologically.  That would be best.

I am not well.  At least, as a “tease,” they discharged me too early.  The story of my life.  You will see as you read, “The Chronicles,” if you wish.

They are really just long posts since obviously I wasn’t there for an extended period.  Plus, another I still need to write but I just got home today and tried to get baby MacBook working.

So…erm…PA Brain Go Boom.  And there’s some Rockin’ Aspie Shit in there too.

Oh, sorry.  More linkbaiting.

Just wanted to let everyone, anyone, whomever know that I was back.  If they noticed.  Some people get a bit freaky if people disappear.  If you didn’t miss me, well, I’m back anyway. *shrug*