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I could continue with more of “The Hospitalization Chronicles” tonight but I am knackered beyond belief and right now I want to complain! Or ramble and whine, moan or something.  That is if I don’t pass out first!

Although, at least one piece of good news. Since my hard drive took a nose dive, some Mac service folks did manage to restore my iTunes Library from my iPod! Whew! Leave it to the professionals! I’ve only ever done it from one computer to another using the iPod as a hard drive but this had me freaking out. I have 3000 songs on it! I’ll pick it up tomorrow. For now, I am using my redonculous relic of a G3 to get online.

Now, who should I shoot first? Actually, it’s a very good thing I don’t really own a gun. *PA sighs, rolls eyes, shakes head, contemplates banging head on hard surface etc…*

Ah, yes.  Before I continue, Massive Caveat: Dr. PA says, “Don’t screw with your meds as she is now being forced to do!!!”

This is such a tangled mess.  Indeed, who to shoot first?! A couple of urgent telephone messages today: Pharmacy, Merlin #2.  I can’t get several of my scripts that I need (well, maybe a couple of pills?) The stoopid guvmunt is fucking me around further with my “You’re an Unemployed Poor Pathetic Soul” Plan.  Arsey Neuro is fucking me over even harder!!! Now the latter you will not believe.

Since losing Merlin #1, Merlin #2 needs to take over all of my prescribing.  The stoopid guvmunt is now saying I need some sort of “Form” for several meds, whereas I did not know about this before!

I need to sort this out with Merlin #2 ASAP and am seeing him Monday morning.  I had to see him to anyway after just getting out of hospital.  I have to make a very long list to try and get everything straight.  Thankfully, I have several days a”head” to do this! My brain is moving slower than a slug right now.  In fact, slower than a slug on Quaaludes!

But this is the best part! AHHHH!!! Arsey Neuro! Merlin #2 wants everything in order for his own records for all of my damn meds.  Arsey Neuro has denied him the “ability” to prescribe my Lamictal/Lamotrigine! WTF???

Now, this is a med I have been on for over two years and Arsey Neuro didn’t even put me on it.  I think poor Merlin #2 is completely confused as to what I take, why, when I started everything because of every bloody dx that I have! Well, I can certainly understand his predicament, however, no matter how much he wants to dot his i’s and cross his t’s, I can not be off my meds!

So, to at least fix that problem, I can tell him my GP actually started me on it for the Bipolar even though, of course it being an Anticonvulsant, it works for the Epilepsy as well. *PA glares at computer screen*

My GP and I started it as I was sliding downhill fast, didn’t have an outpatient Psychiatrist back then, and we were both pulling our hair out as we had exhausted all of our resources to try and find one.  She is extremely “Specialist-Friendly” so I am going to tell Merlin #2 to get in touch with her, have at it with all of my files that she has and she will gladly “authorize” any damn med he wants!

So, in the mean time, I can at least get my Concerta/Extended Release Methylphenidate (I can’t take the Biphentin which is the same but it’s not covered by the stoopid guvmunt!) The Concerta won’t work quite as well due to a small dosage drop and how the Biphentin is/was better metabolized by my body but I have no choice.

I’ve been off my Stims for a couple days now and can’t afford to go longer but was lucky enough to find an old pill I had for 36mg of the Concerta (what I will be taking.)  Again, see Massive Caveat! Dr. PA is a pill hoarder.  Yes, ’tis true and that really is a no no.  You should ditch your old meds.  Things you no longer take, things that are past their shelf life.

But my Massive Caveat is even worse with my Lamictal! I don’t have any! I take 200mg a day so until we get this completely, asinine mess worked out, I can’t just go off the med cold turkey!

So, Dr. PA is now faced with two very  “unethical” dilemmas in her practice! Take herself off her meds or…pill hoarding? She has some old Lamictal 150mg pills that can maybe carry her through for a bit? That’s only a 50mg drop instead of the whole dosage entirely! Guess which one she is choosing?

People, I am only doing this out of dire necessity.  I could go see my GP but I know I wouldn’t be able to get an appt. for a couple of weeks? I can get to Merlin #2 on Monday. *PA shakes head*

So, again folks…don’t follow my lead here.  I probably shouldn’t even be writing about this but you all know I don’t censor myself! Plus, I just wanted to whine, moan, complain, bitch about this entire thing.

EDIT: Slug Brain just had a thought.  Arsey Neuro did increase my Lamictal but no, he wasn’t the original doctor who prescribed it.  It was my GP so I still think that’s a decent enough workaround.