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Friday, June 12, 2009

Unlike my last hospital stay where I met my friend P., this isn’t exactly “Social Central.” However, I have met a very sweet and special man, R.  Although, as Dr. PA tends to do during her hospital stays…well? She turns into Dr. PA!

Yes, always the dream of becoming a Neurologist or a Psychiatrist…the latter can offer therapy? Indeed. On the Psych Ward, PA can tend to “therapize” the other patients. During one stay when none of the medical staff were in any way helpful and Dr. PA was busy running around doing all of their work, finally she just discharged herself to get some rest at home!

This man I met is not really very demanding at all. He is just lonely and we have made a “connection.” He is a real mess. He was hit by a bus, now in a wheelchair and has suffered unbelievable injuries (both to body and brain.) He has had multiple surgeries, still requires ongoing treatments and is deaf and almost blind. Good lord.

He loves to sing but is sometimes unsure of himself as he can’t hear his own voice and how he speaks. I told him his speech was great and it is!

He told me last night he wanted to sing me a song but was too embarrassed. We communicate by pen and paper with me writing in very large printing. I wrote that it was okay. He didn’t have to if he didn’t want to. He did though.

I don’t know what it was.

EDIT: I later asked him and he said he made it up ad lib just for me.

I was smiling and blushing and that made us both laugh. He says I make him happy in his heart.

I wrote today on his notepad that it was nice to “talk” to him this way as I can go non-verbal at times. So, in doing this, it allowed me to just be nice and quiet. He looked at me through his dark glasses and simply said: “Well, being deaf has its advantages too.”

We both just started laughing at each other…again.

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