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This is how the conversation began with Merlin #2 this morning.

Merlin #2, shaking hands in air with frustration, facial expression to match: “JUST WHAT KIND OF NEUROLOGIST DO YOU HAVE???”

PA, with Aspie face and rather flat and monotone voice: “An asshole.”

No, that was our initial exchange.  I swear.  Then, he asked me how I was and I became an Uber³ Spaz.

I started off saying that I was glad to be verbal as I thought I might be non-verbal and we had a lot to cover so meds first and then hospital later but meds now as they are most important and…  I am typing this much better than I was attempting to utter it with him.  Not to mention I was shaking and babbling but not quite stuttering.  As I was hauling baby MacBook out to sit with him for “our research,” he said, “Just relax! Slow down! Sit down!”

I looked below in front of me and simply said: “Oh, there’s a chair.” *PA laughing* OMFG!!! Total Aspie Uber-Spaz!!!

We didn’t have enough time to really get into the hospital stuff but I signed off a lovely waiver for my records there.  Actually, I can’t wait for them to arrive.  I’d love to read just what the hell they wrote.  Dickheads.  I did mention a bit, in that I was released too early and am still a mess.  Merlin #2 didn’t even know I had been hospitalized!

So, today it was all about meds and the stoopid guvmunt (AND ARSEY NEURO!!!)

What did he do? Well, regarding the “not allowing” Merlin #2 to write scripts…that isn’t exactly correct.  It’s more complicated than that, as it involves the stoopid guvmunt’s plan.  For some meds they have “conditions” based upon your “conditions.”  I guess that is the simplest way to to explain it.  Or? A lot of bloody, useless paperwork to keep the drones employed? Make Work Projects that Make No Sense? I am sure we can all relate.

Well, here comes Arsey Neuro’s Axe! He told Merlin #2: that.he.hadn’ Just take a moment and let that register, people.  I know I sure needed a bit of time to take that piece of information in! So, if he hasn’t seen me in two years, how did I get his referral to the Epilepsy Clinic at a world renowned hospital here for Neuroscience…that I went to in April of this year???

I have considered dumping this incompetent, arrogant slimeball so many times and even brought it up with my GP the last time I saw her a couple of months ago.  I told her we should consider finding someone else.  Well, it’s been done! When I was leaving Merlin #2, he immediately set up a referral for me to a Neurologist he knows! *PA smiling but in a sort of happy and scared way*

Please don’t let him be Arsey Neuro #3 (recall, I wrote that the Video EEG Neuro at the Clinic was Arsey, too…)

However, one thing that I have noticed or even learned since establishing my little “Practitioner Circle,” is that when you find one really good doctor (start with primary care, GP, Family Practice etc…) something really neat can happen when you branch out and need Specialists.  Although, you may (probably?) will need some luck along the way.  Everyone I have and had (I just lost Merlin #1) is great and now that Arsey Neuro is gone?

NOTE: I had Arsey Neuro prior to establishing my “Circle.”

Let me illustrate by my story…and yes, a lot of luck along the way but I like to think I counterbalanced that with perseverance.

I found my GP by selecting several that were accepting new patients.  I interviewed three that seemed suitable.  I know, it sounds funny but I prepared questions to ask them all and then reviewed both their answers and reactions–just like a job candidate.  I selected her and boy, did I make the right choice! We couldn’t find a Psychiatrist but in the meantime, I needed a Gastroenterologist.  She referred me to someone she knew personally! I mean, they’re friends! I’m not sure, met in med. school? All I do know is that they are intimate aquaintances (not that intimate, my GP is married and so is he…although…?) *PA laughing*

PA jealous! I kinda like my GP! She’s pretty good looking! *PA laughing again*

Then, I was lucky and through perseverance, found Merlin #1–on my own–just like my GP.  He hooked me up with Merlin #2 who was actually a student of his!

So, it’s like this whole “Medical Networking” thing.  I really don’t want to say “Kevin Bacon” but interesting that my referrals have all been so “close” in nature?

Then, point being, if the doctors are all good, they care…they see the type of shit that gets pulled by Arsey Neuro…you’ll be referred where and when necessary into (hopefully) equally caring hands.

Or maybe I’m just “lucky.”

POSTSCRIPT/MORE: I just got back into my neighbourhood not long ago after waiting for so long to get everything sorted.  I had no ACs left (great…a Bipolar, Epileptic Maniac completely out of control…) so pick them up.  I stopped in for something to drink (I know, alcohol bad!) and have found a wifi signal.  But come on! A great reason to sip some suds? Firing Arsey Neuro? You can’t deny me the privilege!

Oh, one other thing Merlin #2 said.  I should file a complaint against Arsey Neuro.  I told Merlin #2, it wouldn’t matter–slap on the wrist.  My pharmacist said good to have on record? Maybe something to discuss with my GP? I think just escaping him would be best.

I also need to contact my gastro too about stoopid guvmunt tummy meds…AHHHH! There’s a HUGE “condition upon my condition,” there.  What I normally take is not covered but there is an alternative (with the paperwork…) but after six months I need to have another endoscopy! There is a prime example of what I am dealing with re: stoopid guvmunt!

Plus, my gastro is so backed up with appts. and yet…he told me to call him personally if anything emergent comes up.  Then, he would get me in right away (he’s a love.)  However, those types of messages do not get to receptionists! I have tried and they won’t put me through to his direct line.  I may have to get my GP to run interference (again…good to have the “Kevin Bacon” thing?) ACK! I didn’t want to mention it! She could probably just call him up from home and give him the score. *rolls eyes*

I wish we could all just get together for a goddamn, roundtable discussion! A mini-conference? Hell, I’d even go for a conference call! Skype? No need for anyone to leave their homes or offices? Yes, get my entire “Team” together! Realistically though, we do need to get some communication going between all of us–we are a “Team.”  There have been too many changes, more changes are upcoming, I was just hospitalized…

*PA dons Co-ordinator Hat* Or “Helmet?”

Well, it really is all up to me.  I have to make the appts. and relay the information.  No other members of the “Team” know WTF.  Crap.  I feel like a QB.  I don’t know that much about football.  As a QB, you make the plays, throw the damn ball away to another “Team” member and try not to get yourself crushed by the offense? They should protect you? Or just run with it like hell and score a touchdown? Nope.  Not that option.  I can’t do it on my own.  I need my “Team!”

“Hail Mary!” *laughing*