Hospitalization #7 – Part VI – Non-Verbal Question and Massively Triggered PA

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Is there a difference between “not being able to talk” and “not wanting to talk?” Is it the same thing for an Aspie or anyone else on the Spectrum? I know I’ve had a feeling deep down, way deep down inside when I know I just cannot.  However, this morning what I felt was weaker.  Like it was somehow softer or muted.

Well, boy did I fucking get non-verbal later! The nurse and the Social Worker came to get me and I grabbed my notebook and pen.  I began to write: “Asperger’s Non-Verbal.”  Before I could even finish, the Social Worker said straight out: “PA! I am not writing back and forth!”

I grabbed my notebook in fierce defiance and wrote in even larger letters:


She repeated this “verbally.”  Clearly, this Social Worker has no concept of the Autistic Spectrum.  I don’t know about the nurse as she seemed to follow suit as…  The Social Worker kept trying to “reassure” me that I could talk.

“PA! You can talk! PA! You can talk!” However, her “reassurance” was more like some sort of command as if I was being punished or scolded like a bad dog who had done nothing wrong–by a highly irresponsible pet owner.

I felt my blood start to boil.  If I wasn’t “able to talk,” well hell! You want to see me, then? You want me to try and talk???

My throat seemed to almost close completely, I started bawling and sobbing all over, I was stuttering and shaking, I could barely get anything comprehensible out of my mouth.  OMG! I even started to flap my hands back and forth as a stim!!! I have never done that!!! I am bawling again even as I write this.

They let me go after I was falling apart all over the place but not before the Social Worker told me there was a box of tissues on the table in front of me.  Oh, piss off you stupid, fucking cow! I’m not retarded!!! I CAN see!!!

I went back to my room and curled up in a tiny, foetal ball on my bed still crying like mad.  I had totally covered my eyes with everything to somehow…?…I don’t know.  It was just an “urge” I had.  Just a feeling of: GO AWAY!!! The nurse brought me my Valium/Diazepam.  I sat up and wrote: “Dr.?” on my notepad.  She just said, “Yes, later.”

Now, I’m sorry.  Is it me here or is that not a bit traumatizing for someone on the Spectrum? Not to mention, I already had the biggest meltdown of my life only 24 hours prior! Or maybe this one is now my biggest meltdown?

EDIT: On the date of publishing this, during my conversation with P., he said the Social Worker basically pushed me over the edge and went way too far.  I’ve been too out of it and trying to get it together to ponder it in greater depth.  He said I should file a complaint.  Maybe review with Merlin #2?


I’m being discharged today! After stroking my ego and blowing smoke up my ass…fuck, me.  My inpatient Psychiatrist actually said that I am the most intelligent and articulate and blah, blah, blah… patient he’s known…  However, they don’t really deal with Asperger’s and I would do better with outpatient therapy.  This is a “Crisis Unit.”  Bye, bye, PA! Boy, does my moniker ever suit me now, huh?


I tried to mention at least something about my comorbidities but that floated off into the ether.

So, I can be a smart, fucking Aspie but I can’t be in “crisis” at the same time.  What the bloody hell does that mean?!?!

I wasn’t sure if I could be verbal when I saw him as I wasn’t earlier with the Social Worker, so I wrote up this while waiting as I was so pissed off:

I am writing this now in anticipation that I may be verbal when I speak to you. Earlier, I was not due to my Asperger’s Diagnosis. This can happen obviously with everyone on the Spectrum. I was quite disappointed with the fact that no one (the Social Worker in particular) was willing to assist in communication with me by writing. She kept insisting I speak and I wrote that you can not force or make someone do that.  I found it made me more upset even though I did try but I de-escalated in my mental state because of it as a result.  I am very disappointed by this.

You have probably read about my meltdown during my pass.  It was the worst ever.  Although the meeting today has left me crying a lot and it takes a lot to make me cry.  I am scared of how you people will treat me because of my illnesses.  This is a hospital for psychiatric care, yes?

I don’t know if I’m getting worse now.  Very upset.  Thank you for reading.


Does that not sounds like someone that needs help? I haven’t even been here for a week! I don’t know what to do. *PA crying* Well, at least Merlin #2 loves me, specializes in both child and adult Psych so I should probably book an appt. with him.  Maybe my GP, too.  She’s a sweetheart.

I’m scared.  Back out into the world! No choice, though.  Just sitting here waiting, too.  J. has my keys so he has to come here at least to give them to me.  I’m so fucking rattled that I’m sure if he has the time, he’ll hang out with me.


R. has been in and out of treatment today as I only saw him briefly on a stretcher, not in his wheelchair, not in his room, anywhere…  It’s now almost lunch and I hope he’s alright.  We’ll never get a chance to say goodbye personally! *PA crying* He was so sweet and we had so much fun at times.  He told me he wrote me a huge letter while I was on pass yesterday but I felt like crap and just went to bed.  He said he would give it to me today but…?

I wrote him a goodbye note *PA crying again* and walked into his room.  I didn’t know where to put it.  Then I found the perfect place.  I had picked up a couple of pine cones outside while wheeling him around and given them to him.  They were now placed in a plastic container with a damp towel to keep them safe and protected.  I put it inside the container.  Oh god, I don’t even want to think of him reading that note!

…just before I left, I saw R.  I was crying all over but I wrote on his notepad what happened.  At first, he was shocked and so sorry.  I wrote that I was too.  He told me to wait so he could get the letter he wrote me.  Oh, the tears! We exchanged telephone numbers too.  But the worst? The last image I saw as I walked out of that godforsaken place?

Lunchtime.  R.  No tray.  His head on the table.  Crying.  *PA crying*

Bloody hell! I can’t even bring myself to read his letter! Some time later! But that last image of him; the last way I saw him.  It’s now been imprinted, seared, burned into my brain forever.  And it hurts so much.

CODA: This week, R. was released and called me.  He’s still trying to learn how to use his telephone for the Deaf/Hearing Impaired but until then, we can use Operator Assisted Calling.  He doesn’t live far from me ironically, so I can visit him.  So, a tiny bit of happiness to end this horror show.

I still haven’t read his letter yet, however.

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