This is not the time for me to write this post. Oh, no. I’m a goddamn, fucking wreck. I spent just about all of yesterday in bed unable to move, completely depressed…yes, you know it…immobile.

But wait a minute.  The earth tilted rather a bit too far on its axis–in the wrong direction.

I’m angry.  What? PA never gets angry! She suppresses everything! Any form of anger is directed within.

Well, I’m feeling pretty angry now but again, I’m not going to write about it as it will no doubt be misguided, misinterpreted…totally all shot out in wrong directions.

But at least I’m actually feeling angry? I can’t even remember the last time I felt angry at all.  Ever.  Well, maybe? Not like this, though.  Huh.

That’s a real thinker.

Angry (and now frustrated)


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