Thanks For Everyone Hanging With Me!

I just logged on and checked my stats.  People, whether regulars or passers by are still coming for reads, looking in, seeing if I’m writing…alive! *rolls eyes*

So, thank you.

Maybe a post later.

Me gots me ideas but me brains a bit scattered summat.

Yea’…give ‘er a bit.

  1. Any advice on how to get ‘regulars?’ I tried the whole sex thing…;)

    xo mea


  2. Hi Mea Madison. LMAO! Actually, no advice there at all! OMG! Terrible, utterly disastrous, relationship history.

    “Regulars?” PA the “Sex Worker?” I don’t know about that!!!

    First, not so safe or…???

    And would I really make that much money? You don’t even know what I look like! *laughing*

    Plus, I am only into women so the thought of having sex with men repulses me completely. That actually is right up there with point number one!

    If only “Pretty Woman” really existed (again, sans sex) I would be fine with that. Just dress me up appropriately for a high class man who needed a girl to accompany him for his event or party.

    PA can do that. Indeed, femme her up and “the perfect black dress?” Or whatever.

    I don’t wear makeup though. It feels too uncomfortable. I’ve also been told that I don’t need it–whatever that means!

    Still typing on the Tarbender’s Acer!


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