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Holy crap is this thing small! It’s about 12 inches wide? I just loaded Firefox up for him and told him to ditch Internet Exploder! All I’ll have to do is clear his history after I log off!

Man, it’s so small that even wee PA can hardly type on it! How does this guy do it???

He’s a loverly Irish boy.  And again, fairly big.  Not BIG but a strappin’ lad.  I can’t imagine his large hands typing away here.  Not to mention the touchpad is severely screwed!

Unless I’m missing something, you can mouse around fine but…to click, there are two “bars” that you can barely see (stylish design?) I mean, it took me a while to figure out how to nav and click.  And I’m still making typos all over.

So, there are two wee bars to click? Well, one at least as I used on the left.  That gets you moving along fine.  There’s something that looks similar on the right? Same?

EDIT: Just tried right. Must be a right click with shortcut? *shrug*

For anyone seriously, techie interested, this is an Acer ASPIRE ONE…or something.  Fuck, me.  The touchpad and mouse clicking is driving me (more) mental.

Everything is beyond too small.  If you want efficiency? Forget it! Not to mention what he told me he me paid! I won’t tell you! You could get a decent (larger!) Laptop for the same price!

Well, enough foolin’ around.  I did write a proper post but I ran out of battery so was going to do when I got home.  It’s long so I can’t do it on this silly thing and it is getting late!