Playing With Tarbender’s Itty Bitty Acer

Holy crap is this thing small! It’s about 12 inches wide? I just loaded Firefox up for him and told him to ditch Internet Exploder! All I’ll have to do is clear his history after I log off!

Man, it’s so small that even wee PA can hardly type on it! How does this guy do it???

He’s a loverly Irish boy.  And again, fairly big.  Not BIG but a strappin’ lad.  I can’t imagine his large hands typing away here.  Not to mention the touchpad is severely screwed!

Unless I’m missing something, you can mouse around fine but…to click, there are two “bars” that you can barely see (stylish design?) I mean, it took me a while to figure out how to nav and click.  And I’m still making typos all over.

So, there are two wee bars to click? Well, one at least as I used on the left.  That gets you moving along fine.  There’s something that looks similar on the right? Same?

EDIT: Just tried right. Must be a right click with shortcut? *shrug*

For anyone seriously, techie interested, this is an Acer ASPIRE ONE…or something.  Fuck, me.  The touchpad and mouse clicking is driving me (more) mental.

Everything is beyond too small.  If you want efficiency? Forget it! Not to mention what he told me he me paid! I won’t tell you! You could get a decent (larger!) Laptop for the same price!

Well, enough foolin’ around.  I did write a proper post but I ran out of battery so was going to do when I got home.  It’s long so I can’t do it on this silly thing and it is getting late!

  1. Now that I am reading your post you are kind of confirming my thoughts, for example the fact
    that witting is awfully hard with the small key size. And the touch pad along with the mouse clicking

    I was also wondering about the battery time, cause that can be important for geeks like us.
    Why don’t you return it? Cant you give it back?
    Or maybe you can change it for another, a bigger one.
    Take care PA
    (It is funny because we seem to have crashed mentally at the same time, I do not even know
    If i am going to the states yet, and I am very close to the date)


  2. Yeah, I can’t imagine using such a small machine, and yet my brother uses one, the Dell Mini 9 or somesuch. These comps are meant to somehow fit between real laptop and cell phone, despite the fact I do my real typing with my real laptop, and quick use at a pub or wherever with my cell phone.

    12″ is a decent screen, but the keyboard probably does the machine in.

    Sorry about any typos, I’m up after 2.5 hours of sleep because of acid reflux. Axid, stat! But I have none, so pepto-bismol and cross my fingers


  3. Hi Mariana. Yes, all of those things for a Laptop or “portable device?”

    It’s not about “me” returning it. It was his machine and I was just trying to help him with it. Hey, PA is always willing to help!

    Yes. A potential, dated crash? I wouldn’t doubt it, honey. It’s happened before if you think back. Or, if I can think back?

    Please email me.

    The trip to the U.S. I don’t know if it was Florida but the dates? Again, woman! Fucking email me!

    Christ, if only I could swear in Spanish!

    Hi asdquefty. I agree. They are just stupid. BBs have been around for ages so what’s the sell? I’m quite sure it’s not the reduction of RSI!

    baby MacBook has a 13″ screen and is just fine for me. Keyboarding is fine as well. The keys/pads are nice and soft. I get about four to five hours of battery when remote, although I’m not running a lot of apps. Although, I have still been having some Wifi issues. PA makes evil face.

    Oh, tummy! *PA sends you some of her tummy meds* That is not good. I hope you are feeling better when you read this.

    Sorry for any errors, mistakes with fonts. PA falling. I should have and could written this better.


  4. Jeez, see what I write on not enough sleep?

    On a date today, we get to Pizza Hut after the movie, and the acid reflux hits like a wave anyway. After the first piece it went away, only to return when I got home. So I had ice cream instead of peptobismol, as I figured milk/cream is un-acidic and would reduce the excess stomach acid.

    I also have the joyful fun of my mouth drying out worse then an Arizona desert, have to have some patience and hope it goes away. I might make an appointment with my doc in a week or two to get some Axid for myself, just say the OTC stuff doesn’t work.


  5. Hi Asdquefty. *laughing* Don’t worry what you write without enough sleep. It’s okay and anything goes around this place. Crap, I’ve written some real doozies when pretty out of it!

    I hear you on the reflux with my GERD. The OTC doesn’t cut it for me either. Yes, see if you can get something via script that may work. I had to! Also, milk cuts it down for me too. I’d wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes still can) choking to death, throat burning and run straight to the fridge!

    Actually, there’s a hysterical post from way back on my blog when I was still with ex-partner. I was so out of it and barely conscious, I grabbed the wrong carton. She drank coffee so I started chugging her cream! OMG, if I wasn’t sick enough already! The next day I thought I was going to die!

    Anyway, I hope all the tummy stuff didn’t damage your date and it went well?


  6. I did my research, and found that while Axid/nizatidine is only by prescription, the other three H2-antagonists aren’t, so I went to the pharmacy and got some ranitidine 150mg after checking with the pharmacist that it wouldn’t interact and it did work the same as axid. He was a tad impressed that I was within the right class.

    The antacids like Tums, etc, tend to work poorly, as does Pepto-Bismol. Milk works better then the meds that work on the pH level of my stomach fluid.

    I think there are some OTC PPIs now (same class as Nexium) but I am not going to bother with those.

    The date went fine, I guess, except I’ve discovered I’m not into her that way. ‘Tis how life goes.


  7. Hi Asdquefty. For quite a few years (I’ve had stomach problems all of my life) I was alright with OTC stuff but things just got worse. Well before they realized that “ulcers” are largely caused by bacteria, I was placed on Tagamet/Cimetidine as a kid. It did nothing, of course. *rolls eyes*

    Then all hell broke loose and things got worse as I grew older. Nothing, totally nothing would work and then more “loose hell” as you and older/long time readers around here know the 25-30lb. loss down to 90lbs.

    The final 15 or so dropping me down to 90lbs. and making me look like your average 12 year old caught everyone’s attention a bit. It happened in two weeks. Erm…yes. That’s rather a red flag?

    Even I was somewhat worried. What the bloody hell? Between all of the other symptoms, I just dropped that much weight like that??? Oh, dear! This is rather serious! This should not be happening!

    Sorry the date was kind of so-so and it wasn’t “love at first sight!” *laughing* Maybe you’ll luck out next time?


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