I Wasn’t Dropping Acid so It’s Gotta Be the Stress!

No one should really be surprised here.  I’m not.  Unless playing with tiny Laptops that look more like children’s toys can induce…a seizure! Or two, really.  Actually, a Laptop could induce a seizure–a photic one.  Gee…and my eyes completely went.  Good, god…don’t tell me photic seizures are the next to add to my Epilepsy roster!

Anyway, rapid eye blinking then maybe some eye rolling then all vision gone.  Blackness.  As above, this happened twice.  I’m not sure for how long and then the “Inter-ictal” period? How long in between the two? I’ve had these types before.  Once with a Complex Partial and once where I deemed it a Simple Partial as I did not lose consciousness completely.  I could still register sensory input at least via sound.  When you have a Complex Partial, you’re gone! You might look like you’re “awake” but sorry–consciousness out the window!

I vaguely remember with the last one I was repeating words.  So, me repeating words…that’s a bit of a conundrum as it’s definitely Complex Partial behaviour but if I could hear myself doing it–I had some consciousness preserved.  Simple Partial. Or…Complex Partial and I was just coming out of it when I could hear myself…

I need to buy a stopwatch for these things.  Time is a huge factor in distinguishing seizure types–especially these ones for me as I can basically catch them when they are starting.  Sometimes.

Maybe it was Psychogenic? Although, Psychogenics almost always present as a Complex Partial.  Plus the fact that people with Epilepsy can have Psychogenic Seizures too! W00t!

Or, maybe it was the Asperger’s regarding the words! Maybe I was doing some Palilalia! No, really. Who the hell knows? I don’t think that is something necessarily to be crossed off the list.  There is some definite interest in the comorbidity of Epilepsy and Asperger’s and the Spectrum–just no “hard numbers” yet.  I was even “waving” my hands back and forth during one Complex Partial Seizure that could look like your good ol’ classic, Autistic stim! I was also repeating myself but more in phrases than words.  And of course, I have no memory of it.  This is just what I was told.

However, last night–words alone. *PA shakes head*

Another thing, too.  I’m either sick or a Post-“ick”tal© Fever? I had written about this before so it’s always good fun when you’re trying to research something and your own blog shows up on Google’s second page.  I did find this, however:

Rossetti AO, Tosi C, Despland PA, Staedler C.

Servizio Cantonale di Neurologia, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano, Lausanne, Switzerland. andrea.rossetti@chuv.ch

Although fever may induce seizures, especially in children, its occurrence following epileptic spells has been rarely described, except from generalized convulsive status epilepticus. We present two patients suffering from focal seizures accompanied by episodes of post-ictal fever, and review similar reports in the literature of the last 40 years. Temperature changes following non-convulsive seizures might be induced by gene upregulation occurring in the hypothalamus, the nucleus tractus solitarius, or in other brain regions, producing a local inflammatory response. Direct propagation of electrical discharges seems less consistent with the timing of development of this symptom. Heterogeneity of reported clinical features argues against the assumption of a definite localizing or lateralizing value for post-ictal fever.

PMID: 17437623 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Or…I could just be getting sick as I have a bit of a cough.  Still, I think that’s a nice little abstract to toss into my post.  And speaking of “post,” between sick or not, I am post-“ick”tally© feeling like crap.  Oh, well.  C’est la vie.  I’m used to that, as well.  I shouldn’t complain too much? I haven’t had any seizure behaviour in quite a while now.

Okay, time for PA to rest some more.  Bye folks.


  1. Wow, I am not sure what’s going on here, but your theories sound sound. (Not palilalia there)

    It depends what you are doing while you lose vision and whether or not you lose consciousness as well, I would think.

    Are they ever going to figure your neuro issues out? When will you have a new neuro?

    Crossing my fingers he isn’t arsey.


  2. Hi Asdquefty. Good one: “…sound sound.”

    Yes, it’s all so screwy. And to note, after 48 hours of being post-ictal (feeling fine today–longest period 72 hours) I had another one yesterday evening! The same, although no verbal utterances. At least I could time it. About a couple of minutes.

    What was I doing? Well, for the third, I was just laying in bed. The other times, just sitting and talking. Or just sitting…who knows about all of this stuff? I mean, really!

    Although, I was kind of thinking the damn Acer’s screen was bloody bright! I turned it down as much as possible but it was so bright! *laughing* I keep baby MacBook’s screen way down all the time. Maybe it was a photic seizure! *rolls eyes*

    Bad joke, there…rolls eyes…

    Figuring out my neuro issues? Oh, my dear boy. ‘Tis to laugh. They’re idiopathic. I have now changed that to “idiot”pathic. No, it’s true. I’ve had them all my life and no one bloody knows! They’ve only gotten worse since I lost my job so I am still blaming stress.

    The only “anomaly” was a Complex Partial that came out of nowhere a couple of years or so back? If you have a CPS as an adult, major stats they will stay with you for the rest of your life. I seem to be living proof of that as I have had a few more. Plus some Atonics that came out of nowhere. Another anomaly, actually.

    I could also bring the theory of “Kindling” in here? *shrug*

    I don’t think there really is any Psychogenic business going on as I posted way back as well and have reiterated that studies done say way up to 96% or something crazy show that people with Epilepsy have their eyes open when seizing. Psychogenic–eyes closed.

    My eyes have always been open.

    As far as my VEEG that is coming up? I suspect they’ll find nothing. The neuro there said he’s going to monkey with my ACs so…? Who knows, though. He may “lab rat” me some more. I don’t know.

    My new (don’t let him be arsey) neuro? I don’t know about that either. Just wait for a call to make an appt. However, after Merlin #2 and I were completely WTF over my last one, I don’t think he’d send me to an idiot. I mean, why go from one arse to another, right?


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