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R., who I met during last hospital stay, has been calling me almost relentlessly since I WAS DISCHARGED WAY TOO EARLY!!! Ahem. Sorry about that.  It’s still a sore spot.  Anyway, I have been avoiding the phone.  Too depressed, too tired, too sick…  I feel bad about not picking up, I really do but…?

I did try to return his calls yesterday but I kept getting a busy signal.  He is deaf if you didn’t read about him when I wrote about my hospitalization, so he’s trying to get used to working the telephone and dealing with the operator assisted calls.  I’ve never called someone who is deaf.  It’s kind of interesting.  Everyone is all hooked up and the operator types away what I am saying and then he can read it on some sort of screen, I guess? However, he is almost blind so I have to speak very slowly.  I’m curious to see how it works and maybe I can help him out with it.

Tomorrow, in fact! J. and I are going to see him.

So, what does this have to do with the title of my post? Well, J. has actually convinced me to go cycling.  I think I went out on my bike a grand, two times last year.  Gee, maybe I’ll beat that fantastic record and make it three this year!

My bike needs a tune up of course–everyone should get theirs tuned up annually, regardless.  Like a physical with your doctor? J. can do it.  I swear, is there nothing that man can not fix? Mine is basically brand new so no real work needed.  Although, I think some funky stuff with my derailleurs.  Things don’t seem to be moving so smoothly in that department.  Also, some basic things to attach, a lock I never bothered to deal with, lights…but I can’t seem to find my Cat Eye™!

I had everything together, all my accessories in a bag but it’s gone.  Maybe I chucked it as it would not fit my handle bars and couldn’t be adjusted.  Maybe it was broken.  But how’s this for PA being the utter, redonculous spaz that she is! I was having a total freak out since I couldn’t find my full-fingered gloves.  I found them today.  Guess where they were? On a counter that I walk past every day to leave my flat!!!

*PA smacks forehead*

I didn’t want to lose them as they have these neato, little, reflective patches on the knuckles! Soooo cool.  I was also busy showing J. my gear yesterday and I have it all laid out for tomorrow (i.e. clothing.)  I’ll wear my summer gloves, I guess–although bring the longs in case it gets cooler.  Definitely my long, riding pants for “PA The Human Ice Cube.”  Plus, I don’t think the weather’s going to be that warm.

So, we’ll toot around for a bit and then maybe even ride up to see R.

Oh, and if you want to see PA in just a bit of her cycling gear, head over to Gabriel…’s pad at …salted lithium. Keep scrolling and I am on his right sidebar with a link to my blog. Also, if you’re curious about what the hell that “thing” is on my face, it’s a “Smog Mask.” I wear it due to my allergies, air quality etc…  Actually, I love it as most people don’t know what the hell it is.  They look at me like I’m a freak or some kind of “Bandit on a Bike” that is ready to break into someone’s house to steal…what? Pocket change? What could I carry “inconspicuously” on my bike???

I love all the rest of my gear too (plus in the pic, you can see the cool, reflect-y gloves!) I spent hundreds of dollars on the clothes and a stand-up pump but it’s all uber-high quality.  However, you’ve gotta love the combination of being Bipolar and ADD: massive spending sprees and then no motivation to use what you buy. *rolls eyes*