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No, I don’t mean $10,000.  I’d gladly take that! I mean 10 kilometers.  That’s what J. and I are figuring we did together today.  Or at least what I did as he rode over to me.  So, not too bad for PAs first time out riding this summer?

Actually, it felt really good.  I owe him for kicking my arse into doing it.  Now, I just need to kick my own arse into doing it solo.

And speaking of arses, I fell off my bike! *laughing* We were going up this huge hill and J. gave up.  Well, PA was being a bit of a show off, trying to do it herself and took quite a tumble. *laughing even harder* Let’s just say my pristine bike is no longer so “pristine.”  Just a few scratches but it had to lose its virginity at some point, right?

Oh, I must also bow down and bless the inventor of “The Smog Mask!” My lungs were as clean as a whistle (although when you wear them your nose can still run a bit and you can get hot and sweaty!) I know, sounds charming but really, it beats having snot running all over your face and you hacking away while trying to pedal and not choke to death.

So, here I sit, clean as whistle too.  Freshly showered, with no plans at all.  I think I’m just going to lie here…and maybe think of R.

Or try not to?

Yes, after we took a break, we cycled up to his place and had dinner and a visit.  When I saw him, he was dressed up in an expensive, red, silk shirt, black dress pants, shined shoes.  All of the clothes were creased and ironed perfectly.  He was wearing a couple of rings and a gold bracelet.  I said to J. that I knew he was wearing this for us.  I complimented him by writing it on his notepad and indeed, he confirmed what I had said.

I just started bawling at the dinner table.  J. put his hand on my shoulder.  I don’t think R. noticed (as I have mentioned he is almost blind–and deaf, hence the notepad.) *sigh*

We went up to his room and he said he had “something” for both of us.  A couple of old pairs of pants that no longer fit him for J.  They are too big for J. but what could he say? I’m going to tell J. to have them tailored or something.

For me? A coloured picture of roses and a note, along with some roses although they were artificial.  Plus some relaxation tapes–the ones of sounds of nature and water and such.  He said he always liked them but he can’t hear anymore so he wanted me to have them.  Then…  Oh dear.  Thankfully, no more waterworks!

He actually stood up from his wheelchair (with great effort, shaking like crazy–then me running over to him like crazy!) to give me a hug and a kiss.  Good fucking grief! I am so glad that I worked in a Hospice so I could gingerly place him back in his chair afterward! I don’t know if he would have been able to do it himself! Oh, my god!

We talked for a while and as it was getting darker, we thought we should go as J. and I were still on our bikes.  I had to try and figure out what to do with the roses! I stuck them in alongside my water bottle and its cage.

I must have looked like quite something cycling along with roses on my bike.

EDIT: I still haven’t read the letter R. wrote me while we were in hospital together.  I do know for sure that I can’t do it tonight.

Prior to baby MacBook taking a nosedive, I had “liberated” the first two seasons of “Green Wing” plus the “Christmas Special!” It is a comedy show from the UK set in a hospital but it really doesn’t have much or anything to do with a hospital. What sold me is the actor Michelle Gomez who plays Staff Liaison Officer, Sue White.  Her job is to deal with complaints–and be completely insane? No, I swear. She’s positively nuts and the things she did when I watched some TouYubes had me just cracking up. Nothing beats UK humour (when it’s done well?) Which can be a fair amount of the time?

But cheese and rice! I think it took me what? 12 days? Not too fast a connection, do I have. Although, a good job. All in MPEG format so I can toss anything onto my iPod.  Although, it’s only 30GB and I already have 3,000 songs on it. So, obviously not everything. However, a good episode? My favourite?

I can’t even remember how I found out about it but my friend Dark Entries said: “Oh, PA! You’ll just love it! Do it!”

There were a few TouYubes with her in it being completely mental but I chose this one as there is a great amount of profanity in it! *laughing*

Green Wing – The Answer is Never Yes

And while we’re at it, let’s toss in some good ol’ Monty Python.  Now, that you can always appreciate! A bit long if you’ve seen it but if not…

Monty Python – The Deadliest Joke in The World