Ah, Bugger! Need to Fix This Too! A Good Laugh Though?

Prior to baby MacBook taking a nosedive, I had “liberated” the first two seasons of “Green Wing” plus the “Christmas Special!” It is a comedy show from the UK set in a hospital but it really doesn’t have much or anything to do with a hospital. What sold me is the actor Michelle Gomez who plays Staff Liaison Officer, Sue White.  Her job is to deal with complaints–and be completely insane? No, I swear. She’s positively nuts and the things she did when I watched some TouYubes had me just cracking up. Nothing beats UK humour (when it’s done well?) Which can be a fair amount of the time?

But cheese and rice! I think it took me what? 12 days? Not too fast a connection, do I have. Although, a good job. All in MPEG format so I can toss anything onto my iPod.  Although, it’s only 30GB and I already have 3,000 songs on it. So, obviously not everything. However, a good episode? My favourite?

I can’t even remember how I found out about it but my friend Dark Entries said: “Oh, PA! You’ll just love it! Do it!”

There were a few TouYubes with her in it being completely mental but I chose this one as there is a great amount of profanity in it! *laughing*

Green Wing – The Answer is Never Yes

And while we’re at it, let’s toss in some good ol’ Monty Python.  Now, that you can always appreciate! A bit long if you’ve seen it but if not…

Monty Python – The Deadliest Joke in The World


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