Now, this really takes the cake. Could things get any more strange?  Well, I’m sure they could.  At least I’m not post-“ick”tal© today but I am really tired.  And…? Okay, maybe a bit post-“ick”tal© as I’m feeling some overall “blah-ness” but does it really matter at this point? At least I applied for a couple of jobs but that has pretty much done me in.  Trying to get back to “normal” but this post is far from that!

Okay, my occipital lobe seems to be fried as here we go with the loss of vision, again.  Is it now coming in some sort of weird cluster or pattern as what, a week ago I had a few? Last night, some rapid eye blinking, my eyes not rolling but moving back and forth and then my head just went all limp and floppy.  I couldn’t lift it to save my life. A tiny bit of drooling, too.  I sort of came around and then my legs started to dance a bit but all of the sudden, they decided to change their mind (or my brain did it for them.)  They went more “tonic” and sort of stuck straight out! Well, that’s a nice change from just twitching all over.

But this is the strangest thing ever! And something else new! Yay! I was out and down in the bathroom as soon as I felt my eyes start to blink a bit.  It was at that point, I felt like I was a form or being of Artificial Intelligence. *laughing* No, I’m not kidding! It sounds completely ludicrous and I can hardly believe it myself but somehow PA became “Data” from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation!’ Or certainly something else!

It was the most bizarre feeling and completely overwhelming.  Now I know that the Psychic elements of Simple Partial Seizures can be really out there but PA going all A.I.? However, just to demonstrate, I did find this silly tidbit from Medscape/eMedicine:

Cognitive: These responses include feelings of depersonalization, unreality, forced thinking, or feelings that may defy description.

May defy description??? No kidding!!!

Feel like another slice of cake? I woke up sometime this morning and I could feel my eyes blinking and maybe rolling around a bit again.  I was obviously in a haze but just to check I that wasn’t dreaming about last night, I lifted my finger to one of my eyes.  I have done this before to ensure that it’s Epileptic and not Psychogenic when I have been awake, conscious etc…  As I have said previously, check the eyes.  It’s been proven in studies with overwhelming numbers that people who are having Epileptic seizures have their eyes open.  Mine were.

Holy shit.  I caught myself seizing in my sleep.  I have never done this before! Whoa.  Maybe they will find something during my VEEG but I’m still not seizing that regularly…or maybe I am and I obviously don’t know it?

The whole stuff yesterday evening lasted, with some breaks, around a couple of minutes each.  I can’t even figure out what is/was what, huh, wha…? Simple Partial, Complex Partial with some altered consciousness (I’ve found so many more debates now about actually losing all awareness, retaining some with Complex Partials.) And what is it with my damn occipital lobe making me go blind! What is it with me thinking I am not human!



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