Why can I not sleep? I may be cycling.

Why am I cooking dinner for breakfast while I cannot sleep? Because I need to eat.

Why is that a futile effort? Because I was hungry but I no longer am…because I am tired.

Why can I not sleep for the second time? Because if I do, I might not wake up in a few hours when I have to leave for several appts.

Why did I not go to bed sooner? Because I was in the middle of a writing frenzy and then P. called.

Why did P. call? To tell me that he was almost assaulted and robbed.

Why did I have another seizure tonight? Because my brain is stupid!

Why am I still staying up? Perhaps to stage a protest against my brain! (hehe) …and still afraid that I won’t make my first early morning appt.

Why is there so much shit is this world? No answer.

Why did a lovely man approach me about a project or something we are going to…”embark upon?” No answer to that one either other than he “found my blog.”

Maybe in helping him, who he wants to help, it will help me too…

Should I ask for any “why’s” for myself?



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