Day One of Seroquel XR, My Mouth, Some Cool Geek Stuff and…uh…

Let’s start with my mouth.  I’m sorry to people who read me if I got a bit tetchy and riled in my last post.  I’m still raw from things and I know I will have to keep going over them but what do you call that? I think the correct word is, “Therapy?” *sigh*

The …uh…? That would my new Seroquel/Quetiapine XR.  Isn’t it neat that the medical profession is legally allowed to get you totally stoned, high as a kite, completely loaded and snockered? Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you don’t even have to pay for it! *laughing* Well, you may only be wasted for at a short while.  The side effects do wear off but it can be fun for as long as it lasts?

The knock out time for sleep was pretty much the same (this is an increase from my regular 150mg immediate release) but I was completely exhausted.  Let’s see if it stays that way (I mean the time to get to sleep, not being completely exhausted haha!)

I think I did manage to hit most of the side effects that I mentioned last night but I only did a quick run down as I really wanted to flop into bed.  Let’s see what I did nail with my darts to the board.  However, before I begin, this post may sound alright but it has taken me hours to put together!

So.  Completely brain fried.  Cognitively impaired, dizzy, dry mouth.  My stomach is feeling a bit off (but a surprise coming for you there!) I’m probably more klutzy than I normally am but I think I’m too out of it to notice.  “Mental” note–if you can remember it–try to be careful! Another “mental” note: update my meds page.  So, I don’t know.  I’m a complete and total zombie, basically.

Jumping back a bit though, remember my “surprise” for you regarding the stomach business? Well, all of the Atypical Antipsychotics (“Atypical,” simply meaning a newer class of drug if you didn’t know) have the potential for increased appetite and weight gain.  OMG! When I got up today, I was so hungry! Now, for PA and her gastro issues and all other things, she is rarely hungry and couldn’t give a toss about food! So, after the regular, wake up routine, I made myself a nice plate of chocolate chip pancakes!

Yep, that one was pretty weird.  I didn’t bother to mention those side effects on my list as I didn’t think they would happen! Well, I really need to eat and gain weight anyway as I haven’t been able to put on a single pound in at least a couple of years! Maybe I will put on a bit? *shrugs*

Pharmacology? Well, apart from nobody knowing much about all of these meds anyway, it’s supposedly a Dopamine (D2) and Serotonin (5-HT2) receptor antagonist.  I always love saying that! It sounds like whatever is happening, they are doing it to piss off the receptors! *laughing* I know, I’m a dork.  What this actually means is, they don’t really do anything…not to the receptors at least.

It’s all tied up to/into/regarding receptor agonists! I love saying that too as it sounds like the receptors are “in agony!” I know, I’m a dork.  I won’t even bother going further as there are subtypes for both and it all depends upon how the drugs (or whatever else, proteins etc…) bind to the receptors, the “receptor sites,” “affinities.”  Blah, blah, blah…

However, here is one thing that may be “easier to digest?”  I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help that one.

Should I eat a “high fat” meal of about 800-1000 calories before taking the med (no time specified) it could increase the peak plasma levels up to 44% to 52%! That’s nearly half the damn dose in the first place!!! Peak plasma may be around six hours?

Wait for this one though: the bioavailability of the drug regarding this food issue, measured on the AUC (that is “Area Under Curve.”)  These are measurements taken regularly of plasma levels, plotted on a graph, that would be directly proportional to the levels should the drug not be “tampered with.”  They will also and still be elevated.  Those levels of elevation being up to 20-22%!

Wow!  Gee, if I’m not getting enough “therapeutic value,” pig out before bedtime? Kidding.  Although, as you can see from the above, Seroquel XR is not recommended to be taken with food! Or at least not much of it.  Maybe a piece of lettuce? *rolls eyes* Kind of ironic don’t you think if it’s stimulating my appetite? Too funny.


  1. Hope your new meds work, PA. I am full-on manic this week and trying unsuccessfully to get in to see my therapist or psychiatrist. Anyway, because I feel all messed up, thought I’d check in with my favorite blogger.

    I’ve looked up seroquel and thought of trying it. The risperdal was helping, but I had *serious side effects*.

    My husband thinks this manic me is great, but he is not inside my body to feel how awful it is. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put these people inside our bodies?


  2. Hi Emma, good to see you! Awww…your favourite blogger. *blushing* You are very sweet and far too kind. Or maybe you wrote that because you are totally manic? I’m sorry, I don’t to mean to make fun of it. Just a little joke. Maybe more of a joke about myself? Okay, a joke to be shared by both of us. *wink*

    Thanks about the meds. The XR just to carry things over a bit into the day to try and calm me down and get me more stable? I mean, sure, I maybe have looked alright on the surface (some days?) Others, not so much? At least lately? I don’t know. Granted things have been rough for a long time so I guess I finally broke.

    I don’t even know if this will be a permanent thing. I was too messed up talking to Merlin #2 to even ask. Whatever. I’ll figure that out later.

    I’m sorry you’re having issues with trying to get in to see your therapist and psych. There is nothing worse than that when you are at the end of a fraying rope. I’m sorry that you are feeling all messed up as well.

    Too bad about the Risperdal and that it was working but the side effects got in the way. It’s a real bugger when that happens but true, there are other meds/alternatives. If the Atypicals seem to help, maybe a swap might be in order? Something to discuss?

    You could even consider the old school APs. It’s been shown that the Atypicals aren’t “necessarily” any better. Ideally, the goal was for less side effects, greater tolerability but all of them are APs. Some of the older generation ones people still take and they work fine! It just depends upon what one needs.

    Oh, dear. I had to kind of laugh and shake my head that your husband thinks it’s so “great” that you’re manic! OMG! Like, what? You need some kind of “encouragement” or something to be cycling out of your mind? I’m trying to think back if anyone liked the (hypo)manic me! I don’t quite think so.

    Probably the undiagnosed me! Sure, I was the “party girl!” Little ball of fire! Oh dear, those days…

    Yes, if only so many people out there really understood what it feels like. It’s not a lot of fun. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone!


  3. Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!


  4. Hi Zack. Welcome and…wow! I just got up a little while ago, have now logged on and what a comment to see! Thank you so much! I am extremely flattered.

    Yes, I kind of liked writing this one. I had absolutely no idea where it was going to go (some posts I have a definite and very clear idea of what I want to write and/or say.) That “said,” it kind of ended up being a lot of fun. I got to toss in a bit of humour (well, I thought what I wrote was funny.) *rolls eyes* Also, I got to geek out a bit with my totally, cranked up, Asperger’s passionate, won’t shut up about it, “narrowed focus of interest…”

    Medicine–Psych/Neuro in particular. *laughing*

    Thanks so much again for having a read through of my blog, as well, Zack. And for a feed subscription?!?! W00t!


  5. P_Dawg

    lol i know what you mean… i can hardly type on the keyboard. took my meds and scoffed a massive meal. :)


  6. Hi P_Dawg, nice to meet you, and welcome to my blog as I don’t think I have see you here before. It looks like you have encountered a major side of the Atypicals as well?

    Getting completely doped out and sleepy, but then an appetite so high you’re practically passing out in your bowl or plate of food? Or in this case, you’ve managed to move on and now you’re going to pass out on your keyboard? Well done, there! A lot less messy!

    I recall waking up in the middle of night years ago, when I was on Zyprexa/Olanzapine, just starving! I don’t know how I managed to put anything together, and eat it! That AP knocked me out almost instantaneously for sleep, and if I didn’t manage to wake up hungry, I was like the living dead on it!

    Take care,


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