Mixed Bag…Okay, a lot of Graphic Novel Talk Too!

I was out having tea this morning and I saw the oddest thing.  Well, maybe not odd but interesting.  A large, black, insect was actually flying around trying to “catch” a smaller brown one to eat it! Or maybe mate with it? I don’t know but if the latter holds true, what the hell kind of cross-species bug would that have been? I think “black bug” just wanted some breakfast.

Nature’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?

The Seroquel/Quetiapine XR? Feeling a bit better today? Maybe? Still guessing so obviously a slow progression. *rolls eyes* However, it’s taking a lot longer to knock me out for sleep so I’m dosing well earlier on than with the “non-XR.”  Some things must be dissipating at least a bit, as I am not so ravenous as before and actually ventured out for a bit of a walk today! Even though I still felt I was floating through space a little! *laughing*

You see, I felt I needed (deserved?) a little “retail therapy.”  Even though money is tight…awww, come on! Just something small? Please? Heh.  I’m begging both myself and my bank account.

There is a “Comic Store” a couple of blocks away from where I live.  I was bitching before about not being able to read due to such lack of concentration and not having enough graphic novels, dammit! Well! I thought I’d better stop looking in the store when I had selected three I wanted. *PA laughing again*

“Even though money is tight…awww, come on! Just something small? Please?”

*PA shakes head* I didn’t spend that much.  No, really.  I didn’t.

Actually, the store is kind of funny.  They charge the U.S. prices on the jackets and then add applicable Canadian taxes.  I have never been to a store that does this! Still, this can be a very good thing! Especially in light of a larger book I bought that is a bit under 8.5 by 11 and is printed on the most gorgeous paper… *PA drooling* I’ll save its description for last!

So…what else did I buy? Two others in basically, trade paperback format.

One is about a young boy who has Fragile X syndrome (Ding! Medicine and graphic novel!) It’s relatively thin and the boy has some, odd ability to predict future events.  Now, when shopping for or perusing my graphic novels, of course I read the back jacket to figure out what it’s about and if it looks decent–plus, the publishing house? Also, check out the drawing and a sneak peek at the first page sometimes? I try very hard not to look at any content elsewhere and never at the end!

I did read the introduction and the author, years ago, was stirred by England’s “Ploughboy Prophet,” Robert Nixon. I’ve placed that Wiki link in there, why I do not know.  It’s rather pathetic and I thought there would be more to it.  Either way, the young boy’s “outbursts” seemed to lay claim to many future happenings.

The book on view is very, very dark.  Even the blank pages in between the illustrated ones are black! Illustration? Dark, shady.  This one’s serious?

Next, another where the main character also falls outside the parameters of the mainstream.  Doesn’t dress with the current trends, her best friend is an eighty year old woman, she’s picked on by her peers.  She gets along well with her father until she is then dropped when he develops a relationship with his secretary.  Then she starts shoplifting as an outlet.  Then…danger is afoot! She meets some guy and…? *gasp* Also, good illustration in a more modern format? Not that I am some great judge.  Alright use of frame style, too? Meaning, not just simple, square boxes repeatedly?

Now, finally the third! Oh, the big, pretty one! I just had to buy it immediately upon sight! It’s called “David Boring.”  I mean, could anyone resist a title like that plus its fancy packaging??? Also, the curiosity factor was immediately ratcheted up as there was no description of the plot, nothing, anywhere…but the reviews on the back were actually done in graphic novel drawings! AHHH!!! MUST BUY!!! MUST BUY!!!

I had to look at the front page then, of course.  It started off with (I assumed) “David Boring” about to have sex with this woman.  MUST BUY!!! MUST BUY!!! Later, I looked and about a third of the way through, a double page, full colour spread.  Him(?) bound in rope with one woman straddled on him (who looked like she had cutting marks on her forearm?!) and just a bit of another woman’s leg with a stiletto or high heeled shoe stomping on his face! MUST BUY!!! MUST BUY!!!

Not that much else in coloured frames but still! OMG, just that two page spread alone! What is happening in this book?!

MUST BUY!!! MUST BUY!!! *laughing*


  1. Sounds like fun. I <3 graphic novels, as well. Your blog seems interesting–mind if I add you?


  2. Hi flatlineghost. Welcome to my wee blogging space as we’ve never met before.

    Fun, indeed. However, I think only people who really dig graphic novels could “really dig” this post. I’m not sure. Haven’t looked at my stats to see how many hit and runs it’s gotten.

    Yes, I wrote quite a lot about them up there! You would think that I was some sort of fanatic. No, I don’t put the word “fan” in… (silly old joke) however, I do obviously like them! Maybe I am a fanatic…hmmm…quite possible when you think about it.

    Thank you for your compliment regarding my blog. No, I don’t mind at all! In fact, quite the opposite. I’m very flattered when people blogroll me.

    I’ve been looking at you as well. I’m going to blogroll you because you look so happy in your FB pic! Just kidding. Well, not about the pic. It’s a really good one, actually. I like your blog too, though. So, some reciprocity is in order, I suppose?

    I’ve also put in a Follow on Twitter so expect that to pop up in your Inbox as well!

    Take care,


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