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I went to lunch with J. today who could definitely tell I was still speeding along at a fair pace but certainly not headed for hell like yesterday.  That’s a good thing.

As I had mentioned to katm in an earlier comment (and in the earlier post and another prior) I have been thinking of just chucking it and jumping on a plane and taking a break from my life. Such as it is right now.  In fact, when I got laid off in April 2008, a friend suggested I do exactly that! Get away!

Run away? Well, no.  My shitty life would still be here waiting for me when I got home but…?

I discussed this with J., to much glee on my part–perhaps even his.  However, even though I haven’t yet “healed” from this “medical disaster,” I am seriously considering it.  No, I am!

My financials are rather horrific but so am I! What a perfect marriage? Isn’t that the time when you should do such things? Well, maybe not (when in a rational state of mind…)  Or, if you don’t give a rat’s ass about your credit rating.

There are certain places I could go where I know people.  I would like to think they would “welcome me with open arms?” They wouldn’t even have to put me up.  I could find some rat infested dump to stay in.  As long as they might be amenable to showing me around a bit?

Or, failing that, I could just bugger off on my own somewhere.  Not exactly my choice, as I used to be more adventurous when I was more out of my mind.  Wait a minute.  My med change just made me go out of my mind! You see? What a perfect marriage?

I think this might work, here.

Now, all I’ve got to do is some planning.  Or not.  Make some phone calls and if the people I know on the other end don’t pick up, okay.  If so, choose another destination and buy that ticket.  At the airport, when I land, ask for the cheapest, fleabag hotel.  Take a cab there and oh, yes! Don’t forget to get a map! PA has a horrible sense of direction.  She gets lost everywhere she goes.