I went to lunch with J. today who could definitely tell I was still speeding along at a fair pace but certainly not headed for hell like yesterday.  That’s a good thing.

As I had mentioned to katm in an earlier comment (and in the earlier post and another prior) I have been thinking of just chucking it and jumping on a plane and taking a break from my life. Such as it is right now.  In fact, when I got laid off in April 2008, a friend suggested I do exactly that! Get away!

Run away? Well, no.  My shitty life would still be here waiting for me when I got home but…?

I discussed this with J., to much glee on my part–perhaps even his.  However, even though I haven’t yet “healed” from this “medical disaster,” I am seriously considering it.  No, I am!

My financials are rather horrific but so am I! What a perfect marriage? Isn’t that the time when you should do such things? Well, maybe not (when in a rational state of mind…)  Or, if you don’t give a rat’s ass about your credit rating.

There are certain places I could go where I know people.  I would like to think they would “welcome me with open arms?” They wouldn’t even have to put me up.  I could find some rat infested dump to stay in.  As long as they might be amenable to showing me around a bit?

Or, failing that, I could just bugger off on my own somewhere.  Not exactly my choice, as I used to be more adventurous when I was more out of my mind.  Wait a minute.  My med change just made me go out of my mind! You see? What a perfect marriage?

I think this might work, here.

Now, all I’ve got to do is some planning.  Or not.  Make some phone calls and if the people I know on the other end don’t pick up, okay.  If so, choose another destination and buy that ticket.  At the airport, when I land, ask for the cheapest, fleabag hotel.  Take a cab there and oh, yes! Don’t forget to get a map! PA has a horrible sense of direction.  She gets lost everywhere she goes.

  1. Hey, if you have a university degree, Korea’ll take you. You can always come teach English. Yes, it’s crazy over here.


  2. Hey katm. Unfortunately due to various degrees of mentalness and comorbidities, I never completed my degree. I think I’ve had what, now? Four attempts at some kind of something?

    My second attempt did get me close. However, it was a really bizarre program that was perfect for someone with AD(H)D. Even though I didn’t have the dx at the time, that’s probably why I (instinctively) chose it. It was a whole mess of things. Basically a “build you own degree.”

    Alas, I completely lost it and dropped out before I finished it. And now that degree program no longer exists, even if I wanted to try for it during evenings or whatever.

    Also, with the courses all over? Egad. Trying for another? It would be like starting from scratch! Not to mention the money!

    Thanks for the offer for “Krazy Korea,” though!


  3. lili

    You can always come here and work it out as you go along. Hey I do it all the time. At least you could bunk with us and have food and TV and mini road trips.


  4. patientanonymous

    Hi lili. Thanks! My ex-partner is a chef and she worked in the same (sort of) area. I’ve never been…wait. When I was four. Oh, yeah. Like I remember anything.

    I can’t drive so to hell with the road maps! Well, it’s not like they’d know about my seizures. I just have to be seizure free for a year here to drive again.

    Well, something to consider!

    I’ll keep it (and you) on the list! *laughing*



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