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Ms. Wizard?

There is nothing more rewarding (and embarrassing?) for me to receive an email from a reader that both compliments me (too much?) and asks me questions.  I received one several days ago and felt horrible for not responding sooner.  However, I was feeling so nuts, I needed to calm down a bit as I definitely could not offer any clear responses!

One of the things that made me chuckle is this reader gave me a bit of a nickname or “new moniker?” Apart from Dr. PA, like I don’t have enough already? However, all of those prior ones I have created for myself. No other reader has given me any.  No, I don’t recall so? At least not so formally–and not a reader or blogger that I don’t know personally! *laughing* Sure, they may have given me some! And not some I may call myself on my blog! *PA laughing harder*

So, perhaps I should add it as well to the list? And give it a trademark too? Still, the trademark should probably go to the reader.  I’m sure they won’t mind if I take it over myself, though. *wink*

EDIT: Duh.  Copyright.  See post written September 06, 2009 because I am stupid!

So, what the hell.  Ms. Wizard© Granted, I’m not quite sure I’m so deserving of that title!

Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely email.  I don’t really get that many but I always invite them from people who visit my blog.  I hope I could be of some help and I hope to hear back from you.