Ms. Wizard?

There is nothing more rewarding (and embarrassing?) for me to receive an email from a reader that both compliments me (too much?) and asks me questions.  I received one several days ago and felt horrible for not responding sooner.  However, I was feeling so nuts, I needed to calm down a bit as I definitely could not offer any clear responses!

One of the things that made me chuckle is this reader gave me a bit of a nickname or “new moniker?” Apart from Dr. PA, like I don’t have enough already? However, all of those prior ones I have created for myself. No other reader has given me any.  No, I don’t recall so? At least not so formally–and not a reader or blogger that I don’t know personally! *laughing* Sure, they may have given me some! And not some I may call myself on my blog! *PA laughing harder*

So, perhaps I should add it as well to the list? And give it a trademark too? Still, the trademark should probably go to the reader.  I’m sure they won’t mind if I take it over myself, though. *wink*

EDIT: Duh.  Copyright.  See post written September 06, 2009 because I am stupid!

So, what the hell.  Ms. Wizard© Granted, I’m not quite sure I’m so deserving of that title!

Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely email.  I don’t really get that many but I always invite them from people who visit my blog.  I hope I could be of some help and I hope to hear back from you.


  1. Lili

    One can never get too many compliments. They’re like lots of pieces of good chocolate(or whatever it is you love). You deserve them.


  2. Hi Lili. Oh, you of the “too many compliments!” I’m going to bust you now! *laughing*

    Yes, this was the person who gave me the title of Ms. WizardTM! Sorry, can’t superscript the Trademark. Comments in WP only allow simple (X)HTML.

    Still, thank you–whether I deserve those compliments or not! *rolls eyes*


  3. Lili

    Hahahhahaha! no eye rolling miss you DO deserve the compliments


  4. Hi Lili. Thanks again. I’ve never done well with compliments (except from someone I am intimate with–and even still?) But it’s easier there, I guess, the most.

    I’m working on it though. Trying to take compliments better.

    God, I’ve this dumb-arse look on my face typing now. I so easily compliment others with my big, stupid mouth but it’s funny to be on the receiving end sometimes!


  5. Lili

    Well then I guess it’ll have to be a compliment a day until you get used to it :)


  6. Oh, Lili! You’re too much! So, you’ll be feeding me “compliment vitamins?” *laughing*


  7. Lili

    Yep they can even be gummy ones. No horse pills for ya.


  8. Exactly, Lili. Like I don’t take enough damn meds already! You mentioned chocolate up there before? Can you concoct some chocolate flavoured ones for me?

    Not gummy chocolate though. That wouldn’t be right. Proper chocolate.



  9. Lili

    Chocolate covered compliments it is! How about truffle chocolate compliments? Only the best for ya


  10. W00t! Lily! Truffle Chocolate Compliments???

    *PA dumbstruck*


  11. Lili

    To be sent daily with a smile :)


  12. *PA grinning at Lili like an absolute idiot*


  13. Lili

    Excellent I love to see a smile or two or ten. All for you milady


  14. Oh, dear Lili! *rolling on bed laughing*


  15. Lili

    Lol I’ll not make the comment that you know I’m thinking…


  16. Oh, Lili! You’re almost as bad as I am!

    I’m generally on my bed all the time. *laughing* Sorry, folks. I just couldn’t resist tossing that one out there. It’s true though. Most convenient place for baby MacBook and I to park ourselves.

    I haven’t heard from my friend Arkay in a while and I know he’d just love that one. We engage in complete, word play insanity and a lot of the time it may go beyond “appropriate.” HA. May?

    However, my blog goes beyond “appropriate” quite a lot so really, does it matter?

    And speaking of “appropriate” (or inappropriate?) I used to flirt like hell with some of my female readers. I stopped doing that for a period and haven’t since, actually. None of them minded though–and they were all straight. Still, it was just in fun and more or less a random sort of thing.

    For amusement purposes only? I’d never be rude! Just a silly arse! *rolls eyes*


  17. lili

    You’re not a silly arse you’re a sweet one…wait… :)


  18. Hi lili. Truffle arse? Oh, forget it! I don’t even know what to say now! I need more tea. Although, I’m not even sure if that will help with this comment thread anymore!

    You’re beating me down!


  19. lili

    Hahahahaha only your mind would go from sweet straight to chocolate. I meant a different kind of sweet…


  20. Hi lili. *laughing* Yes, I know exactly what you meant! I’m not sure if my arse is sweet or not. I guess I’d have to ask some people for their opinion on that one.

    My mind…well, it does work in mysterious ways. I could probably say that. So mysterious even I don’t know how it works so, yes, that is probably a decent way to describe it!


  21. lili

    Lol mystery is wonderful. What better fun is there than to learn about another human being? Especially an interesting one.


  22. Hi lili. I agree. I love to learn things and am constantly amazed by people who can do things that I can not. Even just talking to them and listening, asking questions. It’s thrilling!

    I will admit that I may not be able to learn everything but who can, really!


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