Well, my brain sure feels like one at times.  And no, I am not alluding to Simon and Garfunkel.  Although, that song does waft through my ears quite often when pondering my life.

Actually, that is what Merlin #2 said to me today when I saw him.  “I am a rock.”  Or rather, “You are a rock.”  In the past, he as also told me I am: “a fighter,” “really tough,” “a real survivor.”  I always say: “Thanks, hon'” or Thanks, love.”  Today he also called me: “My Dear.”

Right.  Now, it sounds like I am dating my psychiatrist.  We are not dating, don’t worry.  No ethical boundaries are being crossed.  Plus he’s a man! My GP on the other hand…  She’s pretty cute… *laughing*

Those things.  Those words.  Echoing in my ears.  Encouragement? Surely, not flattery. *PA scratches head* Well, either way Merlin #2, baby! I don’t feel the way you are describing me! As sweet as your words are or may be.

*PA pauses*

PA is tired.  The above is to illustrate for another time how blessed she is to have such a wonderful medical team.  Sometimes Dr. PA wonders if it is beyond collaborative as she often directs her own treatment.  I waltzed in today, threw the remaining sample bottles of the Seroquel/Quetiapine XR on his desk and announced with great disdain, “You can have these back!”

On we went to discuss the Road Trip Through Hell regarding that med change and then I firmly stated that no further med changes were needed.  I simply should go back to where I was and we will just continue to monitor things from present point forward.  His response?

“I agree.”

Thank you, my sweet Merlin #2.

One funny thing, though.  He asked me about my family.  Odd.  Treading toward some kind of…therapy a bit? Even though he will not be supplying me with it.  So, I gave him a quick brushstroke of another Road Trip Through Hell as far as that was concerned.

So, that is your current psych update? Just keep moving along…crap, I feel like I’m ready to move right along to my pillow about now.

  1. Ari

    Sounds like you have a wonderful wizard on your hand! I’m glad you were able to find those rare good ones.


  2. lili

    Good morning sunshine. I’m glad the sessions with the docs are good ones. The med rollercoaster is often a wild one. Truffle compliment: Your enduring strength and grace. You rock.


  3. Hi Ari, good to see you. Yes, Merlin #2 is great. Although, Ms. WizardTM wasn’t really on top of her game and forgot some paperwork she needed. She just called back to see if she needs to go for another appt. to get it. Bugger!

    Thanks, hon’.

    Hi lili. Thank you for the good morning! I’ve only had one tea so far so a bit rambly…gurgle…blah…bbbb…wha?

    Yes, meds can suck big bags of rocks covered in dog shit. Or worse.

    *laughing so hard* Truffle Compliment. Oh, hang on. I do need tea. You said “rock” and I inadvertently said it too. Oh, dear.

    Anyway, if this “Truffle” business keeps on, people reading at later dates are probably going to be so confused! Oh well, maybe someone will speak up and say, “What the hell is a fucking Truffle Compliment???”

    Thanks, dear.


  4. lili

    Lol the good thing about a truffle compliment is that you can make it anything you like :) It’s your truffle to do with as you wish.


  5. Hi lili. Well, I do have a penchant for truffles. Sure beats regular, old chocolate!


  6. lili

    Tell me your favorite…anything…and I can make compliments out of those as well.


  7. Hi lili. I like all kinds. It might take me a while to make a list!


  8. lili

    Do take your time :) The perfect sets of compliments require lots of thought and attention


  9. Hi lili. Thank you. Sometimes (a lot of times–yes…) my brain is very slow so it needs time. However, you still seem to be doing well with “Truffling” me.

    Shit. I should check Urban Dictionary for that one! I’m sure it’s there and somebody’s come up with something.

    *PA runs off to Urban Dictionary to see what she just wrote*

    Okay. That word is NOT good at all! *laughing*

    SHIT INDEED in Urban Dictionary!!! Only chocolate here folks!



  10. lili

    Oh lol then we’re gonna have to “adorable” you once a day. Hopefully there’s nothing bad there :)


  11. Hi lili. Adorable, huh? *laughing*

    No, I don’t think there would be anything bad in Urban Dictionary for that one. You never know though. That thing can be pretty fucked up!


  12. lili

    Lol I know now-truffling LOL


  13. Nah lili. You’re not. Not that type of girl? *laughing*


  14. lili

    Lol no Urban Dictionary truffling for me thanks. The only truffling I’m going to be doing concerns a gold box with the words Godiva on it.


  15. Ah, yes, lili! I haven’t had Godiva in…well, it’s been a little while. Yum!


  16. lili

    Well see then I now know what to send :)


  17. Hi lili *laughing* W00t! Godiva!


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