Oh My God, My iPod!

Methinks me iPod fucked.  At first, I thought it was my cord for my Sennheisers.  They have a removable cord from the output jack to the phones which is handy because basically the cord can break down.  The wires get bent and there goes your sound.  That is only $10 to replace.  However, it will take me a while to “travel” to the chichi store where I bought my Senns! My iPod is essential for “travel!!!”

So, I stopped and found these $6.00 earbuds on the way home yesterday to carry me over until I can get to “chichi place.”  They were a dual bonus as I can’t wear earbuds.  My ears are too small so they either hurt or fall out.  Not only were they $6.00 but the set had three different sizes of rubber attachments! I mean, a one year old baby could listen to their own damn MP3 player! Finally, someone realized people have small ears like PA!!!

So, I gave them a shot and wait a minute…FUCK!!! Same as the Senns! Sound keeps getting lost in left ear.  My jack on my iPod? Not to mention my Forward/Skip “Click” on my Scroll Wheel isn’t working so well, either.  I’ve been worrying about that dying at any moment for ages now.

With just about anything electronic, the cost of repair is hardly worth it in comparison to replacement.  Even to replace your battery via Apple is completely ridiculous! Granted there are other options out there.  Again, my iPod is an absolute necessity.  I need it to block out all of the stupid, sensory input from idiots around me.  It’s just too much to hear people yacking (mobile phone or to others around) children screaming and babies wailing.

I could call and get an estimate for some kind of repair to a fried output jack but that may be kind of a mess.  Not to mention labour?

A new iPod is going to cost me $300.  Probably more than a repair–if a repair can even be done? Let’s not rule that one out.  It could be fried completely.  J. is a total electronics guru so check with him.

Mine is a 5G 30GB and let me tell you, they are like Fort Knox.  You can’t get inside them! No little screws or anything! So I can’t even look at what the hell may make it tick.  Not like I’m some electronics expert myself but it certainly couldn’t hurt for me to have a peek.

Shit.  I’m still not working and $300 will make quite a dent in pocket.  However, I was just talking about jumping on a plane and heading to any bloody destination of my choosing.  Maybe I’ll do both? And I’ll have a working iPod to take along with me wherever I do end up travelling!

  1. lili

    Music is essential. Want me to rob a bank for ya?


  2. Hei sweethart, do not worry!!! first things are not important, you can always recover them.
    Second do what I do, go to ebay and order one of those mp3 that cost 20 bucks or something like that, I do not remember now, and there you are it works exactely the same than the other one, why do you need that expensive stuff? I lost one of them and broke the other one, then I said to myself that I am not spending that much money on a stupid tool like than when I can spend one tenth and have the same.

    Send you love and hope you are all right


  3. Hi lili. Thanks for the offer to rob a bank but no, no. Don’t put yourself at risk for me!

    Hi Mariana. Yes, you are right. You make me laugh. Lost one, broke one… I have dropped mine several times and I will admit that Apple products are very solid.

    I’m just a gadget hound. I love my “electronic toys!” I’m also one of so many other suckers out there who love Apple! Stupid, I know.

    I did find a place here that “supposedly” specializes in iPod repairs. I’m going to contact them and see what I/they can do.

    Lots of love back to you too, honey.


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