My God, PA! Can You Post Something Worthwhile?

Ugh.  I haven’t written anything in two days but it feels like an eternity! And nothing decent! I’ve got some links I’ve been meaning to check out that may have some sort of scientific merit.  I haven’t done that yet! I’ve got photos I want to do but I need to fiddle since baby MacBook died.  I haven’t done that yet!

At least my poor “Collaborator” got my stuff yesterday.  And I pumped out a whack of reading for one commenter regarding Ultradian Cycling.  That was good.  It made me feel like my brain wasn’t doing so much of the “Snail on Quaaludes” thing.

I’m actually trying to do some personal research for things as well that will get me out of the house.  I know.  You are all staring at your screens right now with your jaws on your keyboards and trying to pick up your eyeballs that are rolling around on the floor.  However, that’s proving to be a little difficult as they’re on the floor.  And thus, you can not see!

I’m tired though.  At least I’ve got some ideas running through my head?

Let’s Google one possibility and see if I’ve missed the deadline, shall we? Oh.  Whoops! That one was in May.  Bummer.  Perfect, though, as I’m not working right now.  Wait.  Me not working is not perfect!

That search was for something to do with photography.  My shots no doubt would have all sucked but logistically, all good.  I’m sure I could have pulled it off.  It’s just that no one would have come to any of my showings.  Because my shots would have all sucked.

Anyway, there are other things. *sigh* I just gotta check them out and do them.  That is, if they are still on the radar as well.  Help me along a bit until I can get my head screwed on (a bit more) straight to get back into the (fucking!!!) job market. *PA sighs again*

  1. lili

    I’m excellent at research and coming up with completely random things. Holler if you’d like help :)


  2. Hi lili, will do. However, I think I can handle all research and random! There is so much who knows what on this blog. *rolls eyes*

    This was another post about me just being my redonculous self. Perhaps also being a bit frustrated at not being as “productive” as I would like to be at the moment. Not just blog-wise, either–in all walks of life but getting there? *shrug*

    I’m trying not to get too frustrated about it all. Just waiting for things to…come?


  3. lili

    LOLOL not…it. No seriously everything will work out. You’ll be fine


  4. Hi lili. I know. The tick tock of the clock though. Sometimes it feels like I’m not crazy enough, already.


  5. lili

    Oh honey you have NO idea how I can relate to that. There’s a film event coming in a couple of weeks that I NEED to attend. Am I prepared? Nope. I feel like 20 kinds of crazy today.


  6. Hi lili. Heh. 20 kinds of crazy. That’s a good one.


  7. lili

    Ha and you actually think I’m joking :)


  8. Hi lili. Nope! I never said that. The expression just made me laugh.


  9. lili

    Hee hee yeah the expression definitely fits me and the numbers grow with my mood.


  10. Hi lili. HA! Like some kind of “Mood-O-Meter.”

    Remember those wacky “Mood Rings?” Those crazy, giant “rocks” that you’d wear and they’d change colours? Then you’d know what the hell your supposed mood was?

    Gee, all based on body temperatures? Was the the “scientific edge” they had on us all?

    It’s like, if you can’t tell what your mood is, one word: “Trouble.”


  11. lili

    Lol my mood is RUN!


  12. Okay, lili…which direction? Heh.


  13. lili

    Hey whatever gets you farther away from me(If I’m in a bad mood). Although if you come for me you get extra points for bravery. I’m good with the gold stars…


  14. Hi lili. I’ll be sure to remember that. W00t! Gold stars…shiny objects…


  15. lili

    LOLOL I love bright shiny things too. Don’t let something be irisdescent lol. On the movie Twilight I about flipped my lid when the quy started to “sparkle” in the sunlight.


  16. Well lili…shiny objects? I’m a fucking Aspie. Did that really come as a surprise? *laughing*


  17. lili

    Lol too true!


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