Chronic Insomniacs? Don’t Be Too Jealous of PA and Her Meds

I am only online now as I need to “firm up some details.”  However, there is nothing firm about me at all right now! In fact, I’m really not sure how much of me is even here right now altogether.  I’ll be signing off as soon as I can get what I need to get done and will be back to everyone tomorrow.  As always, your patience is much appreciated!

I have now (I think) realized how people with chronic insomnia who barely manage to get by with a few hours of sleep a night (or less) can actually keep it together.  They have developed coping mechanisms! For a chronic insomniac like PA, who has great meddy-meds that knock her out quite well each night (yes, perhaps envied by other chronic insomniacs…)  Well, here’s where you guys can get the last laugh.

PA, too, will never sleep “properly” either.  So when things go awry for her in the sleep department…OMG!!! Her head can get really wingy! Why? I haven’t developed your coping mechanisms! I’ve never had a chance to develop them! I’ve never needed to as I have my meds!

Guess who got caught in a spot last night without her meds? Guess whose head has gotten pretty fucking wingy today? I think I may have experienced 87% of the human, emotional spectrum.  Well, roughly 87%.  And that was within the span of about five minutes at one point? *PA crosses eyes*

I went over to J.’s last night for dinner.  Why does every post I write containing that phrase always end in a train wreck? Well, realistically, the “train wreck” per se, is transit.  It takes me two hours to get there and if I don’t leave by a certain time, part of it closes and then…what, three hours? I think once, it was three and a half? I mean, two hours is torture enough!

But I was tired last night so I gave in.  Fine.  Gimme the couch.  Bloody hell! Gimme the couch for what??? J. took his meds and passed out in his chair while we were still talking! Super! Sweet Dreams Sleeping Beauty! *laughing* I know.  How mature, huh? I can’t take my meds so, J.? You can’t take your meds!

I put my broken-yet-jury-rigged iPod on to maybe relax.  I did catch a few fitful zzz’s but otherwise, a lot of ceiling staring and then “out the window staring” when the sun came up.  By that time, J. had left his chair.  Go upstairs? Oh, well look at Sleeping Beauty! I’m surprised he’s not sucking his damn thumb!

Maybe some food to boost my blood sugar? J. is a true bachelor.  Not much food around.  So, I grabbed his keys and went out for a walk and picked up some stuff.  A breakfast that promptly wreaked havoc completely on my entire digestive system!!! Great.  So now I’m a strung out zombie who feels like she going to barf any second.

Wait a minute.  Did J. accidentally overdose? It’s like 1100hrs!!! Nope.  Sleeping Beauty is still all cozy in his “wittle bwed.”  FUCK ME!!! At this point, I was debating leaving with just a note on his coffee table saying that his “Princess Uncharming” would call him later.  However, I felt that would be rude.  Not to mention, I wouldn’t be able to lock the door behind me.

Well, now! 1300hrs! Sleeping Beauty has arisen! Ugh.  We talked for a bit and I finally left.  We’ve got to stop playing this redonculous version of “Public Transit Russian Roulette.”  We just get too spastic and lose track of time! So as a result, I definitely need to keep a stash of my meds at his place.

Okay, it appears that my “business” is done, taken care of.  Yes? I think I going to take my blessed meddy-meds now and



  1. lili

    I’ll trade my “coping mechanisms” for your drugs any day of the week…says the raccoon eyed sleep deprived mess…


  2. Hi lili. I understand completely. This post was more “complain-y” due to the circumstances at hand. Plus I wanted to try(?) and add in a decent dose of humour to it all.


  3. lili

    Lol I know I have to give you a truffle of some sort this morning ya know? (Just Godiva I promise)


  4. Hi lili. True, Godiva only or there are the funky mushrooms that people go hunting around for in the the forests. I had forgotten to mention those.

    I’m sure I’ve had them a long, long time ago. Still, I’ll stick with Godiva.


  5. lili

    :) Hey those funky mushrooms are supposed to be a delicacy. But yeah chocolates are better.


  6. Hi lili. Yep. Chocolate is better.


  7. lili

    Lots of things are better…


  8. Hi lili. Yes, I suppose you are right there. Actually, as a kid I never was a big fan of candy and I still am not. Chocolate is alright though. I even developed an odd allergy to it in my 20s.

    Nothing serious though. Not life threatening or anything. Just sores in my mouth so it was more of a pain (pun intended) to eat it. So I went off it for a few years and ever since, not so much of a fan–at least in large quantities.


  9. lili

    Then we must find you a new addiction pretty quickly :)


  10. Hi lili. Ugh…addictions…noooo… PA bad in the addictions department!!!


  11. lili

    Okay let’s say nice new hobbies :)


  12. You know what lili? More obstacles. My ADD kicks me in the arse there. The concentration and then lack of motivation keeps me from sticking to them. *laughing*

    I suck so bad…


  13. lili

    Lol adderall is one of my best friends. I get hyped up and then go NUTS if there aren’t enough activities to match my med release time. You don’t suck sometimes it’s just the day. There will be another one tomorrow.


  14. Hi lili. Never been on Adderall. Just Concerta and Biphentin which is exactly the same thing. Why the same thing? Dose related.

    My stims have been great for me too as I can actually read again. Not like before when I could just demolish books like crazy but better than nothing now so I’ll take whatever I can get!

    I’m not sucking extremely. I’ve sucked more in the past but…eh. Whatever.


  15. lili

    Lol see the suckage level has diminished this is a good thing


  16. Hi lili. I feel like I’m a straw in a milkshake now.


  17. lili

    What an interesting visual…


  18. Hi lili. Well, didn’t somewhere in amongst these comments I say my mind worked (works) in mysterious ways?


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