The Power of Horses

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t…

…get back up on its saddle and ride on it.

I had a horse almost fall on me.  It was quite the ornery thing.

I was at a kids birthday party and they had planned for all of us to go horseback riding.  Well, they chose this one for me (a mare–go figure) who wasn’t too many hands high.  In fact, I think they had to keep them all pretty low as we were just children, correct? Even still.

As soon as I got on this horse, not good.  She bucked and threw wee PA off, straight onto her back.  Someone rushed in quickly, scooped her up and out of harm’s way in case she got trampled.  A horse stomping on you could kill you.  Or at least cause some serious permanent damage?

From that day onward, I was frightened to death of horses! I think in my 20s, at some point, I managed to actually get close to one again.  Ah, yes.  I was trying to get over that fear and the lure of riding one along a beach, beside stunningly, beautiful ocean waters was too much to resist.  It sounds cliche but I assure you, it was a great environment for me to get over my phobia.

I still think about riding horses.  They are such beautiful creatures.  Not to mention so strong, powerful and extremely intelligent ones, too.  Don’t ever fool yourselves about that last one.  It’s absolutely the truth.  And because of all of those features, you can’t do much at all in the order of trying to…

…lead them to water and…

  1. lili

    I am absolutely nuts about snakes. Cannot abide them in any form for a thousand reasons. You’ve a perfectly reasonable reason to fear horses…and lol trying to lead them to water..


  2. Hi lili. Well, in shall we say more literal terms, I can not deal with insects.

    As for the beautiful, strong, powerful and intelligent creatures…I will simply leave my words for readers on the screen.


  3. Ari

    Horses are my favorite animal. Well, they come pretty close to elephants. But anyway I had a frightening experience with a horse. My friend surprised me by taking me horseback riding. Well, this mare did not want to go riding! It ran back into it’s pen, with me still on my back. I was ducking beams and trying to stop the horse all at one time. Finally the guy came to my rescue. I’m thinking, surely he’ll get me another horse. Nope! He brought her back out and I had to climb back on. Eventually we came to an agreement that involved me keeping a very tight rein. Needless to say it was a very difficult two hours.

    I think I’ll stick to more commercial horseback riding after that!


  4. Hi Ari. Horses and elephants. I see a circus…no, wait. That’s my life. *rolls eyes*

    Holy shit! To hell with falling off the damn thing. Let’s get a nice, head injury instead! Or both! That sounds brutal and after all of that, not even much fun riding either–for the two hours!

    Yes the “commercial” stuff is easier as the horses are trained to take it slow with the tonnes of riders they all get.

    Which kind of doesn’t make sense because, again, it was a kids birthday party. Why such a crazy (night)mare for PA?

    Divine Prophecy *wink*


  5. lili

    Lol you know I’ve my space cadet moments. I saw “fear of animal” and thought SNAKES EEEEEEE!!!! The enduring message came a bit later.


  6. Hi lili. It’s okay. I don’t tend to write a lot of posts like these so I do not know if either people “get them” or not. A bit more “creative” perhaps and with metaphor, allusion, allegory and all of that when I do write then.

    Lord, I sound like I’m about to start teaching an English Lit. Class.

    Nonetheless, if they are understood, people may not know what exactly to say. I think that is perfectly understandable. It is completely subjective and again, not my “regular” form of posting.

    An idea just came into my head so out came the post.

    Further, I don’t really post a lot of “Literary” things although I do have a Category for that. Certainly not anything I may consider submitting for being published. Even if it’s crap.

    I have a bad enough time with Sploggers already. I don’t need an actual human stealing my words.


  7. lili

    Lol I’ll sign up for the class.


  8. Hi lili. So, does that mean you like my writing then? If that be the case, thanks much. I am very flattered. It means a lot when people tell me that.

    We are our own worst critics, right?


  9. lili

    Of course I love your writing. You know that :)


  10. Hi lili. Thanks, dear. Do I know? Did I know? Erm… Even still, positive “Truffle Reinforcement Reminders” always help, I guess. I think I just write a lot of junk here most of the time.


  11. lili

    Well now you know I love your writing-how’s that? Shall we switch from truffle reminders to something else? It’s your pick…nope you never write junk.


  12. Hi lili. Alright. Now that we’re clear. *rolls eyes*

    Truffles vs. ? Oh, I don’t know! I mean, I still don’t think I need, much less deserve all of this attention!

    Thank you again for your compliment, though! *rolls eyes again*


  13. lili

    You write an awesome blog why wouldn’t you need the attention? Lol quit rolling the eyes :)


  14. Hi lili. Thanks again. I really don’t think my blog is all that “awesome” and I’ve always been awkward regarding compliments. I’m working on that though…


  15. lili

    Ah you’re welcome :) Then you need more doses of compliments.


  16. Hi lili. Thanks again. Like the bad and ancient old joke: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall…?”


  17. Hey lili. Yep, cliche but it’s stuck around forever.


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